The Funky Fayetteville Gift Guide

The Funky Fayetteville Gift Guide
Staff Photo Nick Brothers Did you know all Fayetteville residents can take free lessons in video production? Check out the services at the bottom of the article for some interesting ideas for video gifts.

Staff Photo Nick Brothers
Did you know all Fayetteville residents can take free lessons in video production? Check out the services at the bottom of the article for some interesting ideas for video gifts.

It’s no secret that Fayetteville is a funky little city. We love our Razorbacks, we love outdoor recreation, and we love Dickson Street and the downtown square.

In effort to provide some ideas for people of Fayetteville and Northwest Arkansas new and old, The Free Weekly has compiled a list of some unique, out-of-the-box ideas for you to pursue for all your unique gift giving needs this holiday season. Support local businesses!

Flea Markets and Vintage Stores

Are you at a complete blank as to what to get someone? Flea markets are that cure for showing you what you were looking for without even knowing what it was in the first place. While most all of the goods at flea markets are recycled or previously owned, the prices are usually very reasonable.

Anything from unique furniture, cookware, nick knacks, vintage memorabilia, lighting fixtures, clothing and beyond can be found at flea markets and its all sold by local vendors. If you’re at a loss, getting lost in a flea market might be your best bet for finding that elusive perfect gift.

Lena Reagan, a Fayetteville resident, has been going to flea markets in the area just about her entire life. She said a flea market is the perfect place to go to find something one-of-a-kind that could be collector’s item-type gifts. She advises you go in without anything in mind.

Some of her recommended favorite flea markets include:

The French Door, 2932 E Huntsville Rd.

The Attic, 221 S. School Ave.

The Flying Dog, 1330 N. College Ave.

Peace At Home Thrift Shop, 1200 N. Garland Ave. (proceeds go to benefit the Peace at Home Family Shelter)

In Retrospect Vintage Market, 10 E Township

For some other ideas, check out all of Block Street, including Shindig Paperie, Fox Trot Boutique, Himalayan Mountain Shop, I.M. Spa, and Block Street Records, among several other great shops.

Quick, Go-to Ideas For the Proud Fayettevillian

Courtesy Photo

Courtesy Photo

Arkansas for Him, Arkansas for Her Cologne and Perfume

Where: Belk, The University of Arkansas Campus Bookstore, 616 N Garland Ave.

The olfactory minds at Masik have dreamed up something for the home team. That’s right, there’s now an official University of Arkansas cologne and perfume for all the hog fans that want to cheer hard and smell nice at the same time. Masik perfumers took inspiration from the UofA’s cardinal red color with notes of red sage, tart cranberry, redwood, strawberry and red cedar. Masik also took inspiration from the apple blossoms in Arkansas by incorporating some light, floral aromatics into the women’s scent. The men’s scent features a red saffron note. The fragrances are also inspired by nature, the Ozark Mountains and the classic style of Old Main, according to a press release.

You can grab these for about $40, depending on the retailer.

Climbing/Hiking Gear for the Outdoorsy

Where: Pack Rat, 209 W Sunbridge Dr.

If you’re a trail junkie, you already know about Pack Rat. If you know a trail junkie, or you’re in a relationship with a trail junkie, Pack Rat is the go-to local shop for all things outdoorsy. The shop carries a variety of outdoor lifestyle brands, as well as all the equipment you could need for rock climbing, hiking, floating, camping and all sorts of activities — including disc golf.

Fayettechill Clothing

Where: 205 W Dickson Street, various retailers

We at the Free Weekly think a gift from Fayettechill goes without saying for a proud Fayettevillian or UA student. The homegrown retailer has its spot on the list as a go-to place for a gift any local would be proud to wear. The designs are cool, and you can rest easy knowing your money benefits a local company, as well as US manufacturers and several Arkansas non-profits the company is partnered with.


Courtesy Photo

The Fayetteville Flag

Where: Fayetteville Visitors’ Bureau, 21 S Block Ave

It may come as a surprise, but Fayetteville has a city flag. It’s pretty cool looking, too. You can snag one at the Fayetteville Vistor’s Bureau for $50. This gift is sure to make any proud Fayettevillian well up tears of pride when thinking of our motto “Regnat Populus.” In other words, “The People Rule.”


Fayetteville Public Access Television, 101 West Rock Street

Did you know our very own public access station gives free lessons to Fayetteville residents for video production? That’s all the time. There’s also some creative ways you can use the free services at the station to make your own videos for friends and family.

If you want to make a video holiday card, or have a video of you and your family relaying a message or performance to a loved one you could do that as a “Short Take” Mondays from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. or Thursdays from 11 a.m. to noon. You can have this on DVD for $5 or as a digital file to share online free of charge, said Dan Robinson, executive director for Fayetteville Public Access Television.

If you want to go the more creative route for your family, you can have a video produced by a professional crew for $50/hr in studio. The staff there will consult with you from start to finish on all the aspects of creating your video. However, videos must be non-commercial and must be aired at least once on Fayetteville Public Access Television.

Finally, the station offers the service of transferring footage from any VHS, MiniDV, or camcorder you might have and transfering it to a DVD for $5. This could make for a nice gift for old family video footage, and have something to watch together to relive old memories over the holidays.

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