5 Tips for Surviving This Winter

5 Tips for Surviving This Winter
Photo Courtesy of Ashleigh Price

Photo Courtesy of Ashleigh Price

Prepare yourselves, Northwest Arkansas, for winter is imposing. So long to sun-kissed walks in the park, to dry winds and golden trees that spark creativity. So long to the season of quick movement, and to the months of constant change. As winter creeps in on us, we’re often left feeling betrayed, alone, and even anxious. Behind us are the uplifting months of activity, months of ideas and passion. Ahead of us are months of freezing temperatures, shorter days, and decay. However, if we pause, stop and really begin to take in nature during these winter months, we may notice more than just the chilling temperatures.

Winter is the season of stillness and of grounding. As the trees shed their leaves and animals find shelter we notice a shift. No longer is nature in a time of constant change, but in a time of settling and allowing what has transitioned to simply be. Moisture-dense leaves blanket the solid earth, teaching us how to root ourselves, and how to be patient and still. In harmony, the plants, animals and the earth beneath our feet all teach us to find stillness and peace.

As winter begins to take over, allow yourself to enjoy the shift from the season of movement to the season of stillness, and adapt. Rather than opposing the forces of nature, I encourage you to model them.


1) Find Stillness through Meditation

As you study the way winter behaves, try to mimic this nature. Find a comfortable seat in your home or work and bring attention to your base to feel grounded. As you sit, contemplate the solace of leafless trees, and of nature’s energy transferring into the depths of the earth. Try doing a short meditation a couple of times a day to invite winter’s quietude into your life.

2) Stay Hydrated

Keeping in mind that water is the dominating element of winter, why not bring more liquids into your body as well. It’s always astounding how useful a glass of water can be when I’m feeling lethargic or down. Aim specifically for warm liquids—broth-based soups and soothing teas. Try starting your day with warm lemon-cayenne water to boost your mood, metabolism and digestion.

3) Notice the Sun and Moon

The days are getting shorter. Take this time of year as a chance to recharge. Try sticking to a steady sleep pattern inspired by both the early nights and early mornings. Take a few moments before bed to reflect on your day and wake up refreshed. Try setting a simple intention or goal when you wake up in the mornings.

4) Listen

As we tune into nature it becomes obvious that silence and stillness dominate the winter season. Bring this into your life by tuning into your sense of hearing. Worry less about your own projection and more about the expression of nature and the others that surround you. Through the act of listening we begin to tune into our intuition and our body’s wisdom. As this happens, we better realize our deep connection with nature.

5) Strive for Balance

Notice how your body feels each day and make efforts to keep it in balance. Maybe the weather has you caught up in a dripping-nose cold. Notice this at its onset and respond by bringing hot and dry foods into your diet to balance out the cold wetness of your body. If you notice lethargy or dullness of the mind, bring high energy and colorful foods into your diet and invite more movement into your life. The more we pay attention to what’s going on inside, the quicker we can respond to keep ourselves centered and on track, ready to tackle New Year’s Resolutions and fully capable of staying healthy and happy through the chilliest months of the year.

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