Understanding Sagittarius and Its Symbols

Sagittarius is the sign of direction. The arrows of Sag are sharp, pointed in a specific direction. The archer guides the arrows towards a specific goal. The goal is Truth and Justice – the virtues of Sagittarius.

The Sun transmitting Sagittarius light to Earth has a specific goal – that of Justice, Truth & Right Judgment. The Sun is the Father aspect. Each of us, son/daughter of the Father, is to follow the Father’s (Sun’s) directions each month (different tasks provided in each sign). In Sag we set goals through our imagination (mind). We gather all energies and previous experiences (the food of life) and aim the arrows of our imagination toward our goals. Our imagination releases a light from our head center. In meditation, Jupiter, the Lord (ruler) of Sag, provides direction, guidance and expansion.

When a sense of direction is rightly developed, purpose comes forth and the personality aligns with the Divine Plan (God’s thoughts). We are not to look hither and thither for direction. We follow the direction (arrows) set for us by the Soul. Thought has power. When the imaginative mind releases (like arrows) such power in a given direction, the goal is reached. Arjuna, a Sagittarius student, was given right direction by Lord Krishna (the Teacher). Consequently Arjuna fulfilled the Plan.

In the Bhagavad-Gita, Krishna (the Teacher) of warrior-student Arjuna, says “I am the month of Sagittarius. I am the Teacher & the Teaching.” Artemis/Diana are the female Sagittarius deities. Sag is the photographer. Sag’s focus brings forth expanded awareness and consciousness through Jupiter, the planet of great generosity and love (Ray 2) leading to wisdom. We focus on what presents itself. Sunday, Uranus squares Pluto again (6th time). It’s the revolutionary transformative agent initiating us into the Aquarian Age.

ARIES: Will you be traveling? Are you considering new professorial ideas, cultures and studies? Do you feel pressured to step up onto the next rung of the ladder? Do you seek justice, the law, religious or spiritual realities, not quite knowing what to choose? Much of you remains out and about in the world. You’re discovering discernment, discipline, structure, right use of resources and a new direction for relationships. Tend to all of these carefully.

TAURUS: You’re storing resources that last a long time. You need the feeling of safety and security while continuing important future work. Research to choose the best prices. Resources lying about for years now must be dealt with. They’re hiding in closets and drawers, storage units and garages. Bringing them out into the fresh air is productive, to assess their value. You are actually quite rich.

GEMINI: On your mind are relationships, one in particular. Also money and resources held in common, their practical use, and whether to travel or not (careful). Your relationship is good if tended to a bit more. Money needs a practical reference point, a local credit union, invested in precious metals and land. What are your (partner’s, friends) thoughts about the present monetary situation? How are you preparing?

CANCER: You’ll find yourself in daily life creating new goals, meeting those goals and discovering others. Share your goals with others, communicating about them in plain language the practicality of defining goals and future planning. You’re very concerned about resources and money. After tithing, save money for future goals. What you save will be useful, practical and transformed when you’re ready to step forward.

LEO: Your energy’s unlimited, your color red, and your identity is focused on far-reaching goals. Nothing deters you. However you’ll be restrained if physical imbalances or family disharmony occur. Choose travel as a creative art form. Take camera, art supplies, and a horse along. Several dog companions will do if a horse is unavailable. There’s something you’ve wished to do for a long time. Returning to a place and person your heart remembers.

VIRGO: Create new plans and goals for the home. Are you feeling restrained by lack of something? You might be spending time and energy on things unseen, unspoken, in the heart and longed for. It would be good instead to concentrate on the season’s festivities, making your home cheerful, bright, warm and welcoming, full of lights and nature. Do things differently this year. Joy then settles in.

LIBRA: Are you considering short distance travel this holiday? A deep transformative change penetrates your heart/mind this season. Many previous beliefs begin to disappear. Disconcerting at first, you’re actually being led to truths previously not understood. As beliefs break down, a greater capacity to understand, give, love and receive appears. You will then “be of love a little more careful than of everything” (e.e. cummings).

SCORPIO: It’s time to ponder upon goals concerning money and resources. This makes your future more safe and practical. You don’t want to be wounded by not preparing adequately. Your mind, moving equally between myth/hopes and the real world, needs to concentrate on building adequate resources for times to come. Slowly. These resources will not be only for yourself but others who join you. You have the stamina to face great challenges.

SAGITTARIUS: The entire introduction is about your life. Read it many times so its esoteric significances are absorbed and a new identity can emerge about who you truly spiritually are. As you seek truth and the symphony of the universe, as you seek justice along with joy, it’s most important to acknowledge you are always seeking the goals ahead. What goals can you add? What would you like them to be? Look for swans.

CAPRICORN: Inner spiritual realities, not in your control, are affecting your life. You’re aware of many realities, things deeply personal and yet out in the world. Standing in both, you accomplish a great amount of work morning till night. At day’s end you, exhausted, fall into bed, hoping sleep will bring physical, emotional and mental balance. It does. Eat a bit of protein before sleep so your sleep cycle isn’t interrupted. Drink more water. Dreams inform your creativity.

AQUARIUS: Our outer reality is connected with our inner reality. What occurs in our outer life is based on what we believe, envision, have intentions for and where we place our focus. You’re aware that humanity, which you represent, is to bring forth the new culture and civilization under the new Aquarian Laws & Principles. The new culture will emerge from our visions. What are your visions for the new world?

PISCES: Each day a new experience and then understanding occurs leading to revelation. That’s actually an esoteric rule – revelation emerges from understanding. How does understanding come forth? From suffering, chaos, conflict, loss, grief and despair. From all of these Pisces learns compassion, heals world wounds, finds their way. Keep walking, keep listening.

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