ARIES: Libra Sun highlights your relationships, marriage, partnerships, interactions — professional and personal. You are seen as loyal and trustworthy. Those are virtues to cultivate in order to have authentic relationships. Imbalances signify a new balance is attempting to emerge. You must bring this forth.
TAURUS: You’re in a new state of gathering information for the purpose of understanding the truth about our science along with humanity’s origins and history. From this information we must create the new world. You will illuminate the minds of others

GEMINI: You need calmness, beauty, surroundings that anchor the idea of One Humanity. You should be at “Occupying Wall Street” (through December) at Liberty Plaza & Trinity (esoteric!) in Manhattan — occupywallst.org. It has the calmness of intelligence when a revolution begins; calmness in the forming of intentional community
CANCER: Your home is in need of order so that you can function more efficiently. Your family is in need of agreements so everyone can function more effectively. You sense life’s transforming quite radically and you’re at the swirling center. Gather all that creates protection and sangha (refuge).
LEO: Like Taurus, you can be a loyal friend, exemplary in terms of trust. Strength and courage are building within you along with a new two-year cycle. Be very caring in approaching others, especially with communication. You are to bring balance — an interlude of kindness — to everyone.
VIRGO: Four planets at this time are asking you to assess your values, moving you from a focus on matter (which is not substance) into a new spiritual realism. In between is a state of new ideas.
LIBRA: A change in relationship to everything is occurring reflecting your need for change within. Something from the past, perhaps mother, a parent, a love, is emotionally significant. It was/is a serious responsibility you seek to heal and care for. As you tend to this, old patterns are concluded.
SCORPIO: In the coming month you may feel a sense of imbalance seeking a new balance. It may feel difficult at first. You may be out of sorts, feel loss of direction and order. And no matter what you choose or feel you need, something else will happen. Do not be fearful or feel lost.
SAGITTARIUS: It’s a good time to consider what your ideals are. Do you discuss them? Do you compromise them? I don’t think you do. Ideals are part of a world disciple’s tool kit. Ideals direct us. Can you list yours?
CAPRICORN: You have significant influence wherever you are, especially socially.  Something or someone confronts you. Stay poised — like a duck in a rainfall. Turn something withholding into a future promise.
AQUARIUS: Are you having thoughts of journeying far away? Are you traveling at present? If not, it would be good to experience and explore new lands, ideas, philosophies, perhaps a new place to live. There will be great mental goings on, assessing yes and no of all situations. Whatever the choice and outcome, everything will be in balance and equilibrium. Most of all you need to play and have a bit of fun. You win!
PISCES: There’s lots of hard work to be accomplished each day. Careful of burns or cuts, things hot and red. Life feels mysterious, bittersweet, more each day. You do not fear death, understanding it’s just part of life’s continuum. You tend to another. Seek the essence within them. Sometimes you can see it, sometimes not. Form covers it. Sometimes you hurt. Protect yourself with mantras and prayer. And new shoes.

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