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Advice Goddess

The Fraud Prince When my boyfriend moved across the country to Manhattan for two years, we pledged we’d be faithful. We talk and text daily, and he tells me he


5 Girls: One Cardigan

Five Girls: One Cardigan Five fashionable females from the fabulous town of Fayetteville show us different ways to play up a gray, vintage “Ward Cleaver” cardigan. Something you may find

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Contagion: An Infectious Thriller

By Mat DeKinder Contributing TFW Writer   In 1918 the Spanish flu pandemic killed roughly 50 million people, or a little over one percent of the world’s population. The new

8 Days a Week

8 Days A Week

Special Events NWA SHRINE CIRCUS: 4:30 and 7:30 p.m. today at Parson Stadium in Springdale. Featuring the James Cristy Cole Circus. Two bikes given away at each performance. Elephants, tigers



Hey, Fayetteville. It’s me again — Blair, or Miss Jackson if … never mind. The Powers That Be have asked me to write another article, introducing myself to the public


A Young Man's Blues

By Clay Payne TFW Contributing Writer What a week of music. I’m sure many of you ventured to Dickson Street for a free performance from Huey Lewis and The News


Drowning in Delicious Delirium

Wamp’s Wisdom Delirium Nocturnum is an 8.5 percent alcohol offering from Huyghe Brewery in Belgium. Pour is lively with lots of carbonation. A head of tightly packed bubbles lingers, marking

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ARIES: You think about loving your work and those you work with and communication is good with everyone (though you must battle against critical thoughts) and you seek to help

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The Kruth Talks

Gym Offers Free Classes to Aid Special Needs Powerhouse Gym and Fitness Centers of Bentonville and Fayetteville will be offering a free boot camp class for children with special-needs and


Fallin' for that Lovin' Oven

By Rachel Birdsell TFW Contributing Writer Preamble Ramble Recently, two of my sisters moseyed down from Kansas City for a short visit with their favorite sister. One day we were