5 Girls: One Cardigan

Five Girls: One Cardigan

Five fashionable females from the fabulous town of Fayetteville show us different ways to play up a gray, vintage “Ward Cleaver” cardigan. Something you may find in your grandpa’s closet, this cozy, comforting, thin outer layer is the perfect layering piece for fall. Yeah, it is still hot as Hades outside, but slowly we will find ourselves looking to the coat closet for something warm as we bundle together for body heat at football games. Get a leg up on the bite of October by stocking up now on these effortless and multi-functional pieces by hitting local thrift stores, (think: Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc.), or of course, your Grandfather’s closet.

1. Blair Koons: 24

A Fayetteville native who keeps it funky and the kiddos safe at the Starlight Skatium on College Avenue, leads a double life as a completely badass rough and tumble Roller Derby chick. Yeah, she skates with the best of them, all 5’ 3” of her, but this tiny lady can pack a punch and looks re

ally cute when doing it. Known for her sense of style on the rink, Blair keeps her style young by playing up her glorious, God-given “ass”ets. Short shorts worn-in just right and cut like a modest pair of undies (complete with holes, mind you) topped with a fitted bustier, help to play up some of Blair’s most fabulous qualities, she is beautiful AND she could care less about what you think. God, I think I love her.


2. Julie Blood, 19

Ms. Blood is a college student who juggles a managing gig at Plato’s Closet on the north side of Fayetteville, all while looking sleek on a daily basis. What I admire about Julie is that she is as beautiful inside as she is out. An old soul who is mature and wise beyond her years, young Julie pairs her gray cardi with a sheer polka dot blouse and skinny, inky dark jeans, making her a standout in class, and ready for her job as a professional, fashion savvy productive member of society. Double score! A charm necklace and menswear watch completes the look while Ms. B stays hip, fresh, AND work appropriate. Who knew that was possible?

3. Shandala Smith, 31

This spunky mother felt it a necessity to get started early supporting her Hogs. Shandala was a Razorback cheerleader when she attended the University of Arkansas in the late ’90s, and now spends her days running the family business, Pinnacle Auto Detail, with hubby and partner, Dereck. Her style is always changing, as Shandala is somewhat a chameleon of style, and she always looks daring and different from day to day. Shan’s luxurious mane of curls is always an obvious show stopper, and today, Mrs. Smith prefers a casual T and shorts combo with a tough pair of Frye boots. Ready for a day at work, a play date with the girls, and a Razorback tailgater all in one fail swoop. You go, girrrl.


4. Amanda Johnson, 22

Long-legged red strawberry-haired, Amanda Elias was married only a couple of weeks before this shoot. Now a proud wife fresh from a trip to the Bahamas, young miss Amanda spends her days as that eye-catching barista making your gourmet coffee treats at Arsaga’s off Crossover in Fayetteville. A senior kineseology major at The University, her style is casually simple. A busy lady who is also an aspiring model, enjoys mixing fall and summer pieces by adding tough boots to high-waisted shorts. An immensely versatile combo for a long to-do list and a beautiful woman on a mission. Go, Amanda, go!


5. Lisa Mendenhall, 28

White jeans are one of my favorite year-round staples, so disregard and post-Labor Day No-No lists. Apparently, Lisa Brence Mendenhall got the “Cool Chick” memo too, and makes an effort to sport her pair whenever the moment hits. This professional lady, who is the executive producer for KNWA Fox 24, is covered in some amazing body art and uses it as an everlasting accessory. Pale faced and raven locked, Miss Mendenhall has a rock-n-roll sense of fashion and wears her granddaddy cardigan with a read leather, waist-cinching belt and black booties. In an outfit of black, gray, and white, Lisa lets the cherry red pop and draw the eye in to her teeny tiny waist. Dear Lisa, I will attempt, and fail famously, at being even half as cool as you.

Now, go out and show us how you wear YOUR old man cardigan! Email me at onemanbanddesigns@yahoo.com.

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