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In the Shadows of the American Dream

A majority of the new homeless population is circumstantially homeless as a result of the economy and job market, divorce rates and domestic violence. — John Woodward By Blair Jackson



People are pissed. They call themselves the 99 percent, though some argue that only 90 percent of the American population is truly being enslaved by Corporate Greed. Oh, Corporate Greed.

Advice Advice Goddess

Advice Goddess

Meet Joe Black This girl I’ve been dating for a couple months really likes me, but I’m not feeling it. Because we’ve done a lot of texting, I’m thinking of


The Time Travel Dating Machine

By Martin Jardon I watched as my white down comforter began to move and writhe and a humanoid form began to take shape beneath it.  This is what I had

Legacy Archive


Festival Brings Diversity to Dickson Street By Clay Payne Try to picture in your mind Marshallese dancers marching and stomping to Island music, adults and children alike learning how to

8 Days a Week

8 Days a Week

SPECIAL EVENTS BIKES, BLUES & BBQ — Through Saturday in and around Fayetteville. Poker run, Parade rides, Battle of the Bikes, Rally rides, Circus Una, Lawn Mower Pulls, Balloon rides,


Arkansas Born

Wamp’s Wisdom Diamond Bear Brewing Co.’s Pale Ale comes from Arkansas’ only production brewery. It pours a ruddy amber with a nice ivory head. Aroma is of earthy hops and


Eat It – Last Meal

Preamble Ramble All aboard the Argo! We’re off on another voyage on our Quest for the Golden Cheeseburger. Hang on, Argonauts. I’m at the helm of this ship and Zeus

Advice Risa's Astrology


ARIES: Libra Sun highlights your relationships, marriage, partnerships, interactions — professional and personal. You are seen as loyal and trustworthy. Those are virtues to cultivate in order to have authentic


Live Music

THURSDAY, SEPT. 29 The Amp, Fayetteville  — Cowboy Mouth, Taddy Porter, Fools for Rowan, Candlebox Billy’s Bar & Grill — Christian Jerry Foghorn’s on College, Fayetteville — Chris and Jamie