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Guru, Interrupted My husband is extremely analytical, to the point where he has a negative or argumentative response to almost anything I say — including positive or even insignificant things.

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The Helping Wheel

By Zan Jarvis TFW Contributing Writer What would you do if a disabling illness struck you or a family member? Ginny Masullo of Fayetteville got blindsided when her husband Nick


Movie Review: The Debt

“The Debt” is an example of a bungled movie. It has a fascinating premise and (for the most part) a solid cast, yet it stumbles in its execution and what

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Let's Go Down to the Sunset Grill

By Rachel Birdsell TFW Contributing Writer Preamble Ramble I was poking around thrift stores not too long ago and needed a place to eat. I did a quick Internet search


Beer of the Week

Wamp’s Wisdom Kostritzer Schwarzbier is a 4.8 percent alcohol, black lager from Germany. It pours a dark black with mahogany highlights on a lit edge. A white head dissipates quickly.