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Dancing with the Giant Mountain Troll

By Zan Jarvis TFW Contributing Writer Ralph Odom knows how to get the girls. For two hours every Friday night, the man holds more women in his arms than most



From the Editor   That’s right, I’m bringing back the ‘f’ in What the ?!?!. Deal with it. Substitute whatever ‘f’ word you would like. What the flip? What the

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The Kruth Talks

Cosmo Hotel Changes Owners Fayetteville Cosmopolitan Hotel is set to transfer ownership mid-September. The new owners, Dawn Properties and Bedrock Commercial Partners project a complete renovation of the building and

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THURSDAY, SEPT. 1 Chelsea’s Cafe, Eureka Springs: Brown Chicken Brown Cow George’s Majestic Lounge, Fayetteville: JB & the Moonshine Band, Kory Montgomery and Brodie Buster with Bagman JJ’s Grill, Fayetteville:

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THURSDAY, SEPT. 1 MUSIC NEWTON COUNTY BLUEGRASS FESTIVAL — Today through Saturday at Bradley Park in Jasper. Arts and crafts, food and more. 870-446-2633. STAGE AND SCREEN “BOEING-BOEING” — 7:30

Advice Risa's Astrology


ARIES: Those who work with you seek your mentorship and direction. You’re the structure and light needed that lights their way. This is not a compliment. It’s a responsibility of

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Guru, Interrupted My husband is extremely analytical, to the point where he has a negative or argumentative response to almost anything I say — including positive or even insignificant things.

Family Friendly

The Helping Wheel

By Zan Jarvis TFW Contributing Writer What would you do if a disabling illness struck you or a family member? Ginny Masullo of Fayetteville got blindsided when her husband Nick


Movie Review: The Debt

“The Debt” is an example of a bungled movie. It has a fascinating premise and (for the most part) a solid cast, yet it stumbles in its execution and what

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Let's Go Down to the Sunset Grill

By Rachel Birdsell TFW Contributing Writer Preamble Ramble I was poking around thrift stores not too long ago and needed a place to eat. I did a quick Internet search