Look Great On A Budget



Story and photos by Emily Smith

It’s official, folks. Spring has sprung! Gone are the days of heavy winter coats and itchy gloves, and in their place, a shiny, new crop of warm-weather gear is ready and waiting to see the light of day.
One of the greatest, simplest pleasures of the change of season is the opportunity to adjust your wardrobe accordingly. During the dark and dreary winter months, I’ve often found myself playing “dress-up” in a closet full of flowing spring dresses, lightweight hats and open-toed platforms, only to remind myself that I have to wait months to use the streets of Fayetteville as my very own Spring runway. And patience is not a virtue that sits high atop this lady’s list, sorry to say.
Well, wait no more, dear friends. As the days grow longer, the higher temperatures coax us into shedding the multiple layers and switching our boots for sandals and flip-flops, trading our wool scarves for silk ones and essentially, lightening our loads altogether.ffw-0507-emily-1 Spring is the perfect time of year to keep things simple. When in doubt (or when I’m feeling lazy), I have been known to use a three-pack of men’s white tank tops or V-neck T-shirts, creating an entire ensemble based soley on my unique pairing of accessories. You’d be surprised how many outfit combinations are within reach when you have a treasure trove of fun jewelry, hats, sunglasses and eyewear, hosiery, shoes, belts, suspenders and scarves to choose from. Trust me, the list goes on and on, and in my weekly thrifting adventures, I have found hundreds. Literally.
ffw-0507-emily-2I tend not to follow any particular trends, but if you do, utilizing accessories is the easiest and least expensive way to do it.
Imagine an outfit as blank as an artist’s canvas. Think about a white tank and baggy, boyfriend jeans (a major trend this year). Add a silk scarf around your head, some great vintage sunglasses, a luxurious leather clutch and some high-as-the-sky heels. Perfect.
These accessories are the cat’s meow in fashion magazines this season and come in a vast array of styles and prices. More often than not, I see the word “vintage” or “vintage-inspired” used in reference to new, expensive pieces, so why not go out and buy actual vintage? I’ll say it yet again, it’s always the cheaper route. And on the bright side, if you only wear the item a time or two, the price of the purchase won’t eat away at your guilty conscience. Now, doesn’t that sound tempting?
So, get out there and scour the streets for all the fabulous spring pieces just waiting to be discovered. Dig, dig, dig! Seek and ye shall find. Sooner than later, you’ll be in possession of a hefty collection of the smallest wardrobe staples that pack the largest punch accessories.

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