Strut For A Mutt

Master of Ceremonies Emily Smith

By Emily Smith ffw-0917-emily

Project Lovely’s third annual fashion and beauty extravaganza “Strut For A Mutt” will be Friday at Savor in Fayetteville.

DJ Shortfuse and DJ EQ will be performing early in the evening. Icing the after-party cake with celebrity will be DJ Samantha Ronson, guaranteed to bring down the house, spinning the night away at the Strut post-party.

There will be a bevy of beautiful models in amazing clothes to ogle and a variety of fabulous homeless dogs from the Fayetteville Animal Shelter, just waiting to be adopted by you!

In 2007, Jade Terminella of Lola and Juliette Sherin of Luxe joined forces to create Project Lovely in an attempt to raise awareness and funds for two local animal organizations, the Fayetteville Animal Shelter and Spay Arkansas.

Project Lovely has spent countless hours working towards educating the public on the importance of spaying and neutering pets, as well as the necessity and satisfaction of pet adoption.


Sarah Keller (left), Emily Aman, Tiffany Yee and Angela Strauss

during rehearsal for Strut For A Mutt

Spay Arkansas is a local nonprofit agency aimed at establishing a low-cost spay and neuter clinic in Northwest Arkansas. One of SPAY’s many goals include passing a state law that helps provide services to the beloved pets lower-income families. The directors of Spay Arkansas are also currently engaged in raising funds to purchase a mobile clinic specifically targeted at matching up their spaying and neutering services to pet owners who otherwise could not afford it.

The Fayetteville Animal Shelter houses homeless pets and spays and neuters animals that are up for adoption. The shelter is limited in space and funds, so is a perfect fit with Project Lovely’s mission to help local animals in need.

“Strut For A Mutt” will be hosted by yours truly, so please join me and the women behind Project Lovely and be a part of the fun and help a worthwhile, deserving cause.

The show begins at 7 p.m. at the elegant Savor restaurant at 2217 N. College Ave. Tickets are $30. Come. Sit. Stay. Be lovely!


DJ Samantha Ronson

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