Horoscopes: Feb. 17 edition

Feb. 19 to March 20

Serving & Saving the World – Invoking the Ancient Law of Dominating Good

Friday morning, just after midnight the moon is full (the Full Snow moon). It’s the Chinese Lantern Festival & the solar festival of Aquarius, 29:20 degrees l. Aquarius is the sign of serving the world. Friday, following the full moon, Sun enters Pisces, calling us to save the world. Note the different tasks – serving in Aquarius, saving in Pisces. The meditative seed thought for Pisces full moon is “I leave the Father’s house, and turning back, I save.”

The planets are active this week, shifting, separating, clashing, creating synthesis & awareness for humanity. Friday Venus helps humanity create economic justice in the world. Saturday Sun joins Chiron in Pisces. We recognize & learn how to heal the wounds of the world. Sunday evening we may feel quite confused (Mars/Neptune) & sleepy.

Monday is President’s Day (Washington of cherries & Lincoln of truth-telling). By Tuesday (my birthday), there’s a lineup of planets in Pisces – Sun, Mercury, Mars & Chiron (in Pisces for the next 8 years). With planets in Aquarius & Pisces, humanity invokes the Ancient Law of Dominating Good. The people’s revolution continues.

ARIES: Busy as you are with professional shifts, changes, reblancings, turn a bit more toward friends and the future – where the true reality is. If you set goals with friends concerning they will be successful & stabilizing. Don’t demand too much from others. It creates failure. You’re in a time of great creative potential. Why do I see greenhouses & natural pools when I enter your world?

TAURUS: The past weeks have been unusual for you, more like an internal retreat, inner solitude, where something very important was taking place. Now you consider goals, seeing to their manifestation. This is “white magic”. Magic is the ancient word for bringing a thought-form into the world, having it appear in matter. This takes the calling forth of Ray 3, the Holy Spirit to overshadow you. This is esoteric.

GEMINI: You become more and more practical with resources because you know a change is coming fin the form of education that radically reorients your beliefs. That is, if you have the courage to step into a new reality, enter into a group of like-minded others, plan your travels ahead of time and know the rest of your world will be cared for. You have a bit more time to prepare. Education in the new age calls.

CANCER: It’s tax time, yes? Sometimes that creates an anxiety within you. This year with Neptune, Mars & Sun all together in Aquarius then Pisces, it’s even more confusing. Everything’s simply too complex for words. Like Pisces you may feel you’re on uncharted waters, in a boat with no captain, no shore in sight, and there’s rumors that pirates are all around. Life feels like that now. Can you rest a bit?

LEO: You’re sensitive, more than usual this week. Here you are in your reality and it seems everyone & everything, over there somewhere, opposes you. What this means is an integration of things & thoughts, new & unusual, is occurring. You will integrate new realities. One may be the fact that creating more companionship & alliances would assist you. Assist your heart, actually. Is your home cozy? Is it warm?

VIRGO: Oh, dear, there always seems to be so much to accomplish, so many people to contact, so many ideas to jot down & create goals with. It’s good Virgo’s work ethic is developed into a sense of responsibility based upon intelligence. Creativity is to be practical & purposeful this month. You remember something. It makes you sad, glad, wondering, concerned. But not discouraged.

LIBRA: You want to play a little more than usual. Sometimes some Libran’s are very serious, they don’t play much, feeling injustice in the world, seeking to alleviate it. You do this. However, now’s the time for a bit of lightness, for friends, entertaining, communicating with loved one, with children. In the coming weeks tend carefully to health. See doctors, dentist, therapist, care providers. Get new shoes. A new job may call.

SCORPIO: Tend to family with extra care, touching in, making contact with all the family, even those not often seen. There’s a pull between home and work, family & the world, internal & external realities. Try to meet personal needs first. Stay at home a bit. Let yourself lose touch with outer realities. This gives you time to consider a different course of action in relationships and concerning work.  The two merge. What needs tending?

SAGITTARIUS: New thoughts and/or ideas, very new, very future, should have been streaming through your mind, creating what it felt like to be Tesla. People can sense you’ve become a bit different. Did you know Tesla’s closest companion was a dove? They communicated daily. Which you must do a bit more, with heart, to those around you. Focus on them, not yourself. Soon a strange new spirit of adventure arrives. Where will you go? What/who will call?

CAPRICORN: All Caps’ identities continue to shift, change and be transformed. You have become fluid earth. The planet Venus, Earth’s alter ego, is in your sign, creating a great magnetic (spiritually attractive) field around you. People respond to you differently than before. They see something – a light perhaps, a sense of focus, an ability to bring beauty into the world. Stay close to loved ones this week. And should you require it, call forth the resources needed in your life. They will arrive on time.

AQUARIUS: So, happy birthday…yesterday, last week, this week. When our birthday month arrives, the sun shines through us. We are beautiful. Our angels stand around, close to us, waiting to hear our fleeting thoughts concerning what we need & want in our coming new year. A birthday only really occurs when we make contact with our angels. Have you done this? You have time. Your angels are still close by, waiting, listening, patient as ever. Their gift to you is protection this coming year.

PISCES: Do you sense you’ve entered a point of silence, a monastery, a place behind the scenes without an exit door? Do you need contact, interactions, however there are very few to none each day. It’s a time of deep reflectivity, study, learning and serving another with care & intimacy. Chiron has entered your sign. You will be sensitive to wounds, to healings, to all things Chironic for the next eight years. You become Chiron.

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