Ghosts, Goblins & Spirits

As the Sun enters Scorpio we all of a sudden enter the autumn festivals, especially Halloween (the day after Scorpio new moon), All Souls and All Saints days. Halloween, or Dia de los Muertos, initiates the three-day festival of ghosts, goblins and spirits, good and bad, allowed to pierce the veils separating worlds. We greet the spirits, especially relatives and little ones (angels) with altars of food, marigolds, candles, flowers, copal (incense) and prayers of greeting. Skeletons glide by, appear as candies and sweet treats while in dark places things go “bump in the night”. The festivals (of light) for the “dark half of the year” have begun.

Both Sun and Mercury are in Scorpio. Hermes (Mercury), the messenger, sends information to humanity via the Sun. It’s a message, concerning Scorpio’s Nine Tests of the personality, given each year at this time, preparing us for discipleship (Scorpio & Sag), service (Capricorn & Aquarius) and saving the world (Pisces). Mars provides the tests as Pluto transforms us. With Mercury in Scorpio, communication (ours/others) can be unconsciously unkind, merciless, cruel and heartless leading us to study Non-violent Communication or Compassionate Communication techniques. So that we may know and learn about the virtues of kind speech.

In this festival time of dark and light, death and life, I want to acknowledge a death in our family – Joy Takahashi – an adopted daughter in our family who died Oct. 16th due to illness, homelessness, poverty, joblessness and malnutrition. Joy’s death points out a grave social illness in our country in terms of the homeless, many of which are families with children. Joy was a joyful being. Ohm Mani Padme Hum. Goodbye, Joy.

ARIES: Finances and resources, personal and with others, are highlighted. Careful attention is needed along with concentration, efficiency, economy and strength. Apply these virtues daily with a slow consistent rhythm. You may uncover more resources. So many things are hidden during Scorpio. Remember others who have much less. Share and tithe. Tithing creates great abundance.

TAURUS: You want to move consistently into the future with new ideas and plans but there are so few who understand, few with your illumined vision, and even less with your force of will and stamina. Always you strive for poise during transition times while sending prayerful requests for able, intelligent and financial assistance to manifest. Your research illumines our minds. Your prayers prepare the field.

GEMINI: Deep feelings, emerging from early life at home are playing out in your daily life. Be careful of thoughts, actions and communication. Careful that you don’t become project onto others your pain. Don’t hide your vulnerability because everyone will become vulnerable, too. Sharing any sadness eases barriers obstructing heart-felt communication and contact. You want love. Love comes from contact. We are all learning this.

CANCER: You may experience stress and over responsibility in your daily life as more and more tasks seem to be appearing. Along with a sense to prepare for something and to bring balance into daily life. These changes reflect the pulse of the humanity. It’s good to remain within the safety of home. Make changes in small ways. When viewing the big picture offer compassion and dispassion. Children bring both hard work and blessings.

LEO: Two things are happening to you. A sense of great creativity and then a pulling back. You may feel separated from others as if certain resources are hiding from you. You very intuitive so observe your thoughts. Is your daily life feeling like a transformation is about to occur? Are financial needs being served? A sudden revelation occurs which expands you into other worlds. Take us with you.

VIRGO: Small changes occur in your personal life. Money may feel abundant and then there’s a desire to run away from something restricting you at home. It feels like the seeds of the future, life-changing, are breaking through. You’re restless for emotional and financial independence. Moving forward comes slowly. Allow inner spiritual intentions to hold you. Transformation arrives for a long visit.

LIBRA: You’re called to a past situation and then to a present-future one. Something unusual has occurred that blends the two. The past remains for a while so you can liberate it. Always be kind, in all circumstances. Libra holds a scale. One side may contain judgment, the other love. One keeps you spiritually lonely. The other shifts you into a loving community. Can you identify the two sides and where you’re positioned? Forgiveness is alchemical. The past needs it from you.

SCORPIO: For about a year, you will participate in a deep internal expansion, producing changes, all creating your upcoming future. It comes with a revelatory impact. As this occurs, be aware of a need to serve others. Be aware of growing compassion and becoming, if you choose to be, a model for others. As Scorpio is the warrior of the zodiac, you’re prepared for the coming times where the death of the old finally occurs. Strength will be called upon.

SAGITTARIUS: You’re restless, yet duty-bound, responsible yet rebellious, seeking security yet craving freedom, pleased yet dissatisfied and stimulated by conflicts. You’re a paradox. Contradictions create tensions, revelations, new psychologically insights. Don’t push them aside. They reveal the Harmony Through Conflict process that Sag works through to bring new consciousness forth. It’s best to work in groups now.

CAPRICORN: Do you feel pulled between self needs and needs of others? Are recent events upsetting home, family and relationships? Capricorns have Pluto and Mars influencing them. Very potent experiences may occur. You are on the “cross” of change. It’s imperative to share with trusted others so you do not feel alone. Consider (you and family) studying Compassionate Communication techniques (non-violent communication). It brings forth the language of love.

AQUARIUS: Some Aquarians are experiencing great work success. Some will be traveling seeking community. Both are experiencing recognition, expanded social and work reputations, financial responsibilities, while developing new business or life plans. Aquarians are climbing the ladder of success in their own unusual ways, doing more than they thought capable. And succeeding. Keep going.

PISCES: You need flexibility in great amounts as interruptions and unexpected events are occurring in daily life, family life, geographically and in terms of self-identity. You cannot prepare for what will happen. You can only soothe the waters with knowledge that what occurs is redesigning your life in ways you could never have designed yourself. You’re capable, sensitive, sensible and smart. And being looked after. Go to church.

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