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Dogs of Distinction:Organization Pairs Dogs with Veterans In Need

Gary Vickery pats his big black Labrador, Boss, on his belly and rubs him back and forth, methodically and gently.


Left Unsaid At The Third Debate

Donald Trump waited one day before delivering the punch line to his sad joke, “I will keep you in suspense” about respecting the election results.


At a Glance: Arkansas Ballot Issues

I wanted to use my column space here to break some of these ballot issues down and discuss what’s going to vote.

Making Ripples

Ideas for Pumpkin Season

The crisp air combines with warm sunshine, the crunchy colorful leaves are partnered well with deep green moss on the rocks, and the days are filled with the delights of


One Day At A Time

“Crippling depression” is a hard phrase to quantify. Unless you’re familiar with the actual feeling, you usually just think of the “crippling” part as a qualifier, just something to color-up

Advice Advice Goddess

The Shrining

Endlessly replaying the memories of how perfect your ex was is a great idea — if you’re looking to grow old with a tube sock and a vat of lotion.

Advice Risa's Astrology

Ghosts, Goblins & Spirits

As the Sun enters Scorpio we all of a sudden enter the autumn festivals, especially Halloween (the day after Scorpio new moon), All Souls and All Saints days.

Legacy Archive

Making America Great Again?

It is interesting that the main word in “Make America Great Again”—and it is the crucial word—remains not only murky but completely undefined.


Q&A: Bleached

We got the chance to talk with Jessie Clavin about the band’s record, recent successes and their experience at this year’s On the Map Festival.