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Holiday Pop-Up Shop to Feature Local Artisans

The folks at Stage Eighteen are getting right to work with providing an all purpose venue for the community’s needs, or in this case, holiday shopping needs.


Fayetteville Historical Figures Portrayed in Upcoming Cemetery Production

A couple of Fayetteville’s most storied and celebrated citizens will soon be portrayed by local actors near their graves at an event at the historic Evergreen Cemetery.


Check-In With Standing Rock

While many gathered around the family table to give thanks for this and that and then punched babies to get a good deal on a crappy television on Black Friday, the tribes up at Standing Rock Sioux Indian Reservation were busy.

Making Ripples

The Buck and the Birdbath

The “crunch rhythm” in the leaf litter suggested something large was approaching hesitantly.

Advice Goddess

Do No Harem

A man can love you to pieces and count his blessings every day you two are together — and it won’t stop him from wanting to see your sister bend over.

Legacy Archive

Read My Apocalypse: Dead Reckoning

The Ship of State—especially that of the United States—may have begun as a lithe and limber craft back in the day, but it is now more of a battle group with attendant oil tankers, nuclear submarines, and a long affixed line of garbage barges.

Risa's Astrology

Advent, Liturgy, Light in the Darkness, St. Nicholas

December, month of hopes, anticipations and expectations (suspense for the little ones), is filled with festivals of light in the ever increasing darkness.

Legacy Archive

Democracy is Not Demonization

I am a Muslim-American and a peacebuilder. In the aftermath of a polarizing election season, the victory of President-elect Donald Trump, and an onslaught of violent hate crimes and proposed policies threatening human rights, I am struggling to simultaneously maintain my commitment to both roles and identities.

Cover Story

Fayetteville’s Future: Get to Know Your Re-elected Local Officials

While Fayetteville may be a top five city in the U.S., there’s still plenty of work to be done to ensure its continued success, officials said.


Dealing With The New Normal

I’ve had a couple of weeks now to sit and mull over the Electoral College’s pending appointment of Trump as our new commander in chief.