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The Long, Long Journey to Female Equality

With the possibility of America’s first woman president looming, it’s appropriate to consider the monumental struggle for gender equality. For millennia, female inferiority was presumed, and mandated, in virtually every


The Debate: They Both Bombed It

There was more than one loser in the big debate, but that’s no surprise.

Legacy Archive

Pay Attention to Domestic Violence

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Dwarfed by the enormous outpouring for breast cancer awareness month, it receives attention largely from survivors, advocates and activists.

Advice Risa's Astrology

Inscribed in the Book of Life

Mercury enters Libra this week. Mercury signifies our thoughts, communications and ideas.


Concert Series to Honor Buffalo River Legends

Local folk duo Still on the Hill have recorded an album dedicated to the history and beauty of the Buffalo River.

Cover Story

Festival Preview: Hillberry – The Harvest Moon Festival 2016

The fall’s best bluegrass festival in Northwest Arkansas is just around the corner.

Making Ripples

The Woods In Our Backyard

Gone are the days when people looked forward to mowing their lawn (if those days ever existed).


Go Westworld, Young Man

The hotly anticipated sci-fi drama Westworld, based on the source material from Michael Crichton, debuted on HBO last night.

Advice Advice Goddess

Wealth Care Crisis

The way you see it, your friend found that mythical leprechaun with the pot of private jets and beachfront property — and she was all, “Too short! Too green! NEXT!”


Roots, Robots, Dragons and Krakens

When Cheri Bohn is looking for inspiration for her next sculpture, she walks around in the Arkansas backwoods where her land is about two miles from the White River.