The Candidates & the Election – Our Test

As we come to the end of Libra and enter Scorpio, we move close to the time when, this election year, we are asked to make a final choice. Libra is the sign of observing (with poise, intelligence & a kind heart) two sides of one reality (the candidates), in order that we may discern the truth. In less than three weeks, in Scorpio (always offering us a mystery to solve) we will cast a final vote for the president of the United States. The entire world is watching. The two candidates offer us a deep challenge in terms of perception of the truth.

The election isn’t really about the two candidates (Trump & Hilary). They represent something far greater. They represent, very subtly, a major test for the people of the United States. The test is this. Can we develop enough discernment and discrimination that we are able to see which candidate would be best for the people of the United States, the world, and which candidate will further the spiritual tasks of the U.S. We are challenged to discern which one speaks the truth, and comes from the heart of the matter. This election is our test. The candidates are simply “on the world stage, playing their part” very well indeed.

Mercury is in Libra and Uranus is in Aries. Libra says, “Let choice be made.” Our Soul says, “I stand (poised & observing) between two great lines of force.” Uranus says, “Bring forth all things new.” Our tests.

Let us stand poised, non-reactive, with non-judgment. Let us align with the Will-to-Good. Libra tells us aligning with the Will-to-Good gives us Right Balance & Right Choice. (continued next week)

ARIES: A potent time of change is occurring. Strong desires & powerful emotions can act like ocean swells almost overcoming your ability to think. Alternately, they offer you courage to go where others, even angels, can’t. Tend to finances and resources held with another. Something’s expanding. Hopefully your relationships. Don’t be ruthless and don’t seek to conquer. Work with.

TAURUS: You ponder upon your relationship in terms of love, sacrifice and usefulness. You encourage others to work and cooperate with you. Careful with your energy in relationships. You could create a separation through unaware tendencies, anger and harsh communication. On the other hand there is great ability to compromise if you begin a deep listening of other’s needs. Learn the art of negotiation and cooperation.

GEMINI: You become a creative and strong worker with desires and emotions pushing you towards a goal. It’s important to practice extreme care and safety especially while doing any physical labor lest accidents, burns, cuts, things red and scratchy occur. Be kind to co-workers. A lot of fire trucks, police and emergency vehicles pass you by. Things filled with love, too. A bit like you’ve become. Interesting.

CANCER: You need some pleasure, love and romance, or on the other hand, sports, competitive and disciplined. However, most likely you focus on thinking about home and children, showering them with nurturing gifts. In turn they may not act as you would expect. Their energies are high, almost uncontrollable. This will pass. However, you must watch over them carefully. Allow yourself to be foolhardy at times.

LEO: The themes seem to continue – communication with family, parents, tending to home, property, traditions. Something seeks balancing concerning your perception of family and/or parents and making peace with daily life. The old anger doesn’t hold us anymore. It actually weakens the body. The starry energies are helping to beautify, repair and organize the environments you live and work in. Prepare your home for an unusual future.

VIRGO: You’re contemplating events in the past. Considering previous partnerships, lovers, friends. Careful not to intimidate yourself with critical thoughts. Gathering information should be very easy now. Allow a natural rhythm to occur with daily life, work, arrangements and plans. Write Halloween (then Thanksgiving) cards by hand, using use pen, ink, envelopes, stamps and a secret seal. This is a meditation.

LIBRA: You enjoy making, having and using money. Money is a resource, a way to help others. It provides freedom and choice. It can be used to create more wealth. We are given the gift of money and resources so we can help others. Money helps rebuild the lives of humanity in need. Tithe ten percent of your income to charity. Tithing insures a constant flow of return. In between it’s good to be frivolous (a bit).

SCORPIO: You find that stamina and endurance grow stronger each day. Encountering and meeting unusual challenges along your path. As you pursue more independence, seeking liberty and freedom, your self-identity expand.. Careful not to bump your head. Careful of fire. For fun, natural dye your hair red, orange or violet. Complete all projects. Plan your next ones. Your intuition reaches out to others.

SAGITTARIUS: Your strength is hidden and veiled for a while. Only you are aware of it. Next to your strength are desires. They’re secret, too. Sometimes you don’t know your motivation for choosing something. Sometimes you feel you’re in a conspiracy. Your past comes to brood over you. You wonder do you have enemies? To overcome this seeming strangeness enter into a new creative endeavor. Know that you’re just in a state of completing karma.

CAPRICORN: You have hopes, wishes and dreams and want to express yourself socially with friends and associates. You want to be part of a group that recognizes your gifts, don’t think you’re scandalous when you make some outrageous artistic move. You’re strong, at times revolutionary. Don’t change. Review goals. Create a manifestation journal. Write daily wants and needs, creative plans & how you see yourself in the future. I see a book.

AQUARIUS: You’re to become an adventurer, traveler, and philosopher. Justice becomes a focus. You see where humanity is caught in duality, judgment and despair. Aquarius is the sign of humanity. You worry, sensitive to humanity’s needs. You wonder where you stand. An excellent question. You benefit by traveling, undergoing change, moving about here and there. Gradually, you become a world server.

PISCES: A regeneration needs to occur, allowing a new sense of self-confidence to come forth. You sometimes question being on your own. Wondering if you have real needs, hopes, wishes, desires, dreams. Your needs are very important. Pisces often serves others before serving themselves. You must now turn your energies inward and seek your own counsel, reliability, safety and trust. Entrusting yourself to your own self. The past presents itself. Then disappears.

Risa, writer, teacher, mentor, counselor, astrologer, esotericist. Founder & Director, Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute, a contemporary Wisdom School in the Ancient Mysteries tradition.

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