Diwali – Festival of Light Over Darkness, an Autumn Festival

Wednesday is quiet. Thursday is transformative, surprising, Friday is detailed, Saturday we seek balance, Sunday we remember to love more, Monday wounds appear, Tuesday we communicate about those wounds. Wednesday (a three-fold festival day) is Veteran’s Day (our gratitude to those who suffer in the wars for our freedoms), the Scorpio new moon festival (“Let maya flourish and deception rule”) and it’s Diwali, the Indian Festival of Lights (as the monsoons end and a new fiscal year begins).

The word “Diwali” (or Divali) is Sanskrit for “rows of lamp or lights.” Diwali, a bright, happy autumn festival in India, is celebrated on the darkest, new (no) moon night of the Luni-solar Hindu calendar. The festival signifies “victory of the Light, good over evil.” Diwali lamps (diyas) and candles are lit at night inside and outside homes. The “dyas” (lamps) symbolically represent parts of the Sun, cosmic giver of light and energy for all life on Earth. Families pray (puja) together invoking Lakshmi, goddess of wealth and prosperity. Sweets (miithai) are eaten, gifts are exchanged. Stories are told of the ancient battles of good and evil, light and darkness, gods battling dark forces. Fireworks light up the skies. Celebrated by many different religion sects in India, Diwali’s essential message is victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, hope over despair, harmony over chaos, recognizing the spiritual inner light (Soul) over material darkness (the personality). Diwali is also a Festival of Peace, of Kindness, Goodness and Goodwill. It is said that soldiers at the Indian & Pakistani borders put down their guns to share sweets with each other during Diwali. Creating, during war, brotherly gestures of Goodwill. May we do the same with those we consider our enemies. May Diwali help us to “love more.”

ARIES: Although there’s an impelling need to have more romance, you realize the need to be less “in the moment’s state of passion” and more in a state of consistent and unceasing intimacy. This may be difficult for you. However, a fresh new way of seeing relationships appears. Seek to learn cooperative communication and compassion with others. Bring love to all daily work. Love more in all relationships. You are learning how.

TAURUS: It’s important to assess all resources, learn their value and then safeguard what is valuable. The rest give away or sell. Difficult or sensitive issues may come up for discussion. Usually you are secretive. However, secrecy doesn’t sustain you. Communication with others about needs, present and future, brings assistance. A boundary between the past and present/future needs to be created.

GEMINI: Has tending to money and resources become too serious a subject? Do you feel restricted with a relationship? Or is it commitment that is coming forth? Are you too busy at work to provide enough time for needed intimacy? Are you feeling content or discontent? Create more harmony by tidying up thoughts, all workplaces, extending cooperation and focused time with loved ones. What’s missing?

CANCER: You’re tending and nurturing family and those you love, including the animal and plant kingdoms. You feel a new sense of creativity beginning to emerge in daily life. It’s important to find yourself in one or more of the arts – literature, painting, art history, music, dance, film, design or gardening. As you nurture the many kingdoms, you are cared for and nurtured in return. Schedule each day carefully.

LEO: As we grow older family becomes more important. Both your family of origin and the family (& friends) you have created in your present life are vital to well being. Being connected and in contact with family near and far releases the potency of love in Leo’s heart. As bonds strengthen a greater sense of belonging emerges. Then understanding and forgiveness begin to comfort you. Stay connected. “Contact releases Love.”

VIRGO: Are you seeking to escape daily life, travel somewhere far away from daily responsibilities, or perhaps you’re going home, visiting family and friends? What are the ideals you’re seeking to define? What tests and trials are you experiencing? Are you attempting a redesign of your home on minimalist standards? Are you in a state of migration (physical, emotional or mental)? Everything’s expanding.

LIBRA: Your foundation of self is transforming. You’ve become more serious and responsible. Daily life continues to change by the hour. Creativity helps heal a recent illness, fall, break and/or wound. Your heart seeks the mother. Mothers are Ceres. You may feel underground. Eat pomegranates. Only nature, gardens, mother and Right Relations with everyone bring the balance your heart needs.

SCORPIO: It’s important to take time alone, to rest each day in conscious moments of solitude to keep your sense of self intact. It’s also important to take needed vitamins and minerals to maintain physical, emotional & mental strength. Love may feel more hidden than usual. Being quiet and unseen is good sometimes. Then there are times to shine brighter than others. Do you confide in anyone?

SAGITTARIUS: Revelatory thoughts stream through your mind creating a constant state of inner enlightenment. You realize even though you enjoy being out and about, more important is being with your own self, which is enough interesting company. You think profoundly about yourself. Scorpio always needs to understand the self first. Venus offers deep solitude, contemplation, concentration and stillness made just for you. Just for a while.

CAPRICORN: You’re practical and realistic, always using common sense. In the midst of these pragmatic virtues rests hopes, wishes, interests and dreams for the future. How often do you gaze into the night sky and make a wish? How often do you pray or believe your wishes, dreams and hopes will come true? It’s important we believe what we hope for will come true. When you do what you love and believe in, everything comes true.

AQUARIUS: Vision has taken hold of your mind and heart and you’re doing things you thought impossible. It’s most important to visualize your future, visualize dreams and goals. They guide your actions by visualizing your dreams anchoring on earth. Ask yourself what you truly want and need. Draw, paint, talk about, share these things. Your happiness is how you assist humanity. Your many gifts make a difference in people’s lives. Name (write down, ponder upon) and recognize all of them. Daily. Like a mantra.

PISCES: You continue to reflect on values and relationships, likes and dislikes, hopes, wishes and dreams. You consider your relationship to money, wealth, resources, understanding why you value certain things. Often you’ve been forced to detach from things in your life. This has been difficult. It’s good to forgive self and others so that old attachments, memories and aversions fall away and a new life-direction comes forth. You will be surprised.

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