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The Weekly Lowdown: Parachuting Planes

Alright, if for some reason you haven’t heard about the airplane that had to emergency crash land in the middle of MLK Blvd. Tuesday morning, here you go. Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt or killed. It did hit a truck, though.


Therapy Dogs: A Special Kind of Love

Therapy dogs are pets that volunteer in the community. They visit places like hospitals, nursing homes, and rehabilitation facilities to offer comfort and support.


Arkansas Yoga Center Recognized by Fayetteville Mayor

Twenty years ago, Fayetteville’s culture wasn’t as into yoga as it is today.


Fighting The Good Fight

It feels odd to me, as a cancer survivor, to talk about depression in the same terms. When people talk about cancer, it’s always in battlefield terms.

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Let There Be Light Event to Highlight Black Fayetteville Lives

In a country that seems to continue to get more and more polarized by ideologies and racial strife, members of the Fayetteville community will come together to host an event to strengthen empathy for the city’s Black population — specifically its male youth and elders.

Making Ripples

The American Pikachu

The American Pika and their cute, rounded shape and electrifying personalities are not altogether unlike the famous Pikachu from the popular Pokémon games and television series.

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Democratic Socialism Has Deep Roots in American Life

The shock and disbelief with which many political pundits have responded to Bernie Sanders’ description of himself as a “democratic socialist”—a supporter of democratic control of the economy—provide a clear indication of how little they know about the popularity and influence of democratic socialism over the course of American history.