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Making Ripples

Giving Thanks at the Molecular Level

Often, it’s gratitude that motivates us to make ripples (or make a difference) in the world. Sometimes this is expressed as a “pay it forward” concept: being grateful for someone’s help and offering assistance to another as repayment.


Jessica Jones: AKA Marvel Can’t Stop Being Awesome

Marvel’s Jessica Jones premiered on Netflix on Friday, and as is my usual habit with things on Netflix, I was up most of the night watching it. Then watching it again the next day. And again as I’m writing this.

Legacy Archive

Lincoln Library Offers Genealogy Services

It’s a great time to look back upon your family history and lineage to learn more about who your ancestors were and how your hometown became your hometown.

Advice Advice Goddess

Dust In The Lust

Admittedly, women aren’t going to psychics and asking, “Tell me, Madam Sasha…will he have recreational sex with me? I NEED TO KNOWWW!”


Spotlight is a Masterful True-Story Thriller of Moral Outrage

It may not be formally daring or visually experimental, but it proves that sometimes a great movie can be simple, that sometimes all it takes is a complex story, well told.


Q&A: All That Remains

All That Remains happened to pick an excellent band name when they first started out.