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2015: A Year of Divisive Outrage

We’re here, readers. The good year 2016 is upon us.

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Original Style: Locals Share Their Influences

I recently started an online boutique after years of working in fashion. With this comes the pressure of making sure that what you are putting out there to the public

Advice Advice Goddess

Livid And Let Livid

Nothing like screaming obscenities into somebody’s face to get them to respond, “Gosh, I forgot how much I love you. And I really want to make all of those changes in myself.”

Making Ripples

Arkansas: The Bear State

Before Arkansas was known as “The Natural State,” it was informally referred to as “The Bear State” because we had so many black bears (Ursus americanus).

Risa's Astrology

A New Year – Looking Back into the Future

The new year of 2016 begins Friday. Adding the numbers 2+1+6 equals nine (9). Nine signifies endings, completion, fulfillment and a major initiation (all year) into a new cycle of learning.


The Year In Review (Sort Of…)

Combing through my old articles to find the things I need to talk about was a bit overwhelming, honestly.


Q&A: Elephant Revival

One of the region’s most beloved folk bands are returning to bring in the New Year’s Eve at George’s Majestic Lounge.

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Last Night Fayetteville to Bring in New Year with Local Talent

Returning for its fifth New Year’s Eve celebration, Last Night Fayetteville is gearing up to be its biggest yet with all Northwest Arkansas talent on the bill.

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Remarkable Reindeer

While science hasn’t yet proven that reindeer can fly, they can do some other really cool stuff.


The Force Has Finally Awakened

Holy. [Expletive removed]ing. [Expletive removed].