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Climate-Change Policy that Pays for Itself

This month, government officials from 190 nations will meet in Paris to forge a plan for reducing greenhouse-gas emissions.


Rejecting Common Sense

In early December, every Senate Republican — except Mark Kirk of Illinois — voted against legislation to prevent individuals on the FBI’s terrorist watchlist from purchasing guns or explosives.

Making Ripples

Changing the World One Gift at a Time

There are plenty of ways to make a difference locally and abroad through holiday giving, whether your gift of choice is time, something homemade, a donation, or a responsibly produced item.

Advice Advice Goddess

It’s Always Darkest After The Spawn

Getting married is supposed to be something you do when you find the right person, not whichever person happens to be right next to you when the clock above your ovaries strikes “HolyshitWe’re30!”

Advice Risa's Astrology

Forces of Light & Dark & the New Group of World Servers

Wednesday, December 9, Pluto opposes Sirius (13 Capricorn/Cancer joining the US Sun, 12 Cancer).


San Bernadino Among Too Many Shootings

There’s been another mass shooting. What can I even say anymore that I haven’t already said multiple times?

Making Ripples

Wild Razorbacks A Menace To Landowners

Outside of football, there are certain hogs we don’t want to call.

Family Friendly

Remembering Needy Pets During The Season Of Giving

Whether you are looking to adopt a new pet or just want to donate to the cause, there are many options to brighten the lives of homeless pets this holiday season.

Cover Story

The OneUps Play Mexico City

The musicians in Fayetteville’s resident video game music cover band live two lives.


The Madness/Genius Of ‘Black Friday’

The sales that go on during Black Friday, those really good ones that you have to be there at 6 a.m. to take advantage of, and that people get beaten and trampled over? Typically those are the things that they were totally incapable of selling at any other point in the year.