Wesak Full Moon Festival – Buddha Blesses the World

Wesak Full Moon Festival – Buddha Blesses the World

The Wesak Buddha Full Moon Festival is Tuesday, April 23, 2024.

After Sun enters Taurus on Friday, after Saturday’s transit of Jupiter/Uranus in Taurus (the real beginning of the Aquarian Age), after Earth Day and the first night of Passover, Monday at sundown, one of the year’s most important full moon festivals occurs on Tuesday. This is the April Buddha Full Moon or the Wesak (holy waters) Festival.

During this festival the Buddha appears in the heavens, He carries and distributes a blessing to humanity and Earth’s kingdoms from the Lord of the World (our God, Sanat Kumara who came from Venus). Disciples around the world prepare by placing crystal bowls filled with water in gardens and the open air. As the Buddha blesses the world, all waters are imbued with this divine blessing.

During the Wesak festival, the Forces of Enlightenment are called upon to remove hindrances and to expand humanity’s discrimination and discernment. It is the “will of the Father” that we achieve liberation from materialism, make appropriate choices to build the new Era (Aquarian Age), and step upon the Path of Return.

The Wesak festival occurs yearly in a protected valley in the Himalayas (a real location). Many disciples, seekers and aspirants from many lands) gather in this valley at festival time. Thee is a great stone with a crystal bowl filled with pure mountain water. Around this stone, the Great Ones (Christ, Masters, Hierarchy, Initiates, Avatars, Adepts, etc.) just prior to the full moon time, prepare for and invoke the Buddha using sacred words, geometrical dances, prayers, mudras and invocations. At the moment of the full moon the Buddha’s presence is called forth (into the etheric plane of the Earth) with the words,

“We are ready, Buddha. Come!”

As the Great Lord of Illumination appears (he remains for eight minutes) accompanied by the Forces of Enlightenment, He distributes the blessings of the Will-to-Good and the Will to Love. They are distributed to every kingdom on Earth, especially to humanity.

And so, on Tuesday, let us place our crystal bowls, filled with pure water, out in the open (gardens, meadows, fields, stones, steps, doors, windowsills, fire escapes, porches, ledges, etc.). The waters will receive and absorb the blessing of the Buddha, the Will-of-God. They are our communion with the Divine.

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ARIES: A continuing theme is your self-identity and now it’s you and your interactions with friends and in groups. Be aware of what you offer, what you say and provide, and how to expand the good in both self and others. Your future depends upon the cultivation and unfoldment of your gifts, talents and abilities. How to do this? With intention to know what they are. Calling upon the Soul for guidance. A blessing of knowledge results.

TAURUS: Throughout your life you always sought illumination in what you do, see, think, feel and explore. Whether conscious of this or not (now you are), this theme is both your life purpose and life work. As the Buddha blesses humanity you are to receive that blessing personally then turn and bless others with your illumined mind and kind compassionate heart. You will then help steward the yet to unfold future. And great creativity comes forth.

GEMINI: You might consider your actual etheric presence to show up at the Wesak festival (it can occur with intention in dreams). One must have great aspiration to participate. The Wesak Festival is deeply involved with Venus, your Soul ruler, and with Mercury (Ray 4, Harmony Through Conflict), your personality-building ruler. All these energies combine to bring you to the next state of awareness and spiritual consciousness. Shall we travel to the festival together? An esoteric group is now preparing. You are invited.

CANCER: It’s best to maintain quiet contemplation so all information being received at this holy Wesak time can organize itself into deep understanding. Realize the gatherings and groups you belong to offer you ways to exchange and share. Group work can feel new to you, perhaps its outcomes are unexpected. Eventually they become a deeply cherished experience. Much of your life is hidden for the purpose of protection. You will soon realize you’re in the deep embrace of the future.

LEO: Prior knowledge of who you are in the world, your work and leadership abilities and how you influence others are all being evaluated, reviewed and reformed. You will eventually reinvent yourself by calling upon hidden gifts and abilities, adapting to behaviors of those you admire, and cultivating more and more virtues useful for the coming revolutionary times. Relationships for you are always with people unlike yourself. They are your shadow.

VIRGO: You have been deeply focused on daily needs and this continues for the rest of the year. Sometimes your mind turns away from simple daily living as you dream about a future of comforts, people and possibilities elsewhere. Perhaps this has to do with work, or prayer, a retreat or possibly a great service to others. Observe yourself. What are you thinking these days? I sense you are learning new values or studying something that defines a different future path.

LIBRA: You will at some point in your life seek a greater knowledge of someone you either don’t or didn’t value or perhaps someone you don’t understand. You will soon seek a deeper experience of love which comes with a newer inclusive view of the world. You seek to understand how your life’s purpose intersects with travel, other countries and cultures and places far away. For now, simply investigate what calls to you in your present environment. Life is completely different than what you expect. Come with us to the Wesak Festival.

SCORPIO: Be deeply observant of what you are thinking, feeling and sensing while encountering and conversing with others. Take care that all those around you practice Goodwill and kindness, or you will be profoundly affected for the next several weeks. Allow this festival and blessing to take you deeper into yourself. Observe what is around you until you and that which is around you are one. Be exceedingly careful of thoughts and of what you say and do. Reflect before speaking. Take the most perfect care of yourself.

SAGITTARIUS: This Wesak Festival may take you to places as yet unknown. There is an arrow of aspiration forming within. Where would you live to travel next? Should you be concerned about anything seek safe counsel. Response and deep listening from another benefits and clarifies your perspective, helps you overcome difficulties and gain the needed detached (dispassionate) view. You will ponder upon relationships as they relate to your well-being.

CAPRICORN: Work and health – two themes during these times. The work is mental and physical, giving attention to detail, finding the best techniques, planning carefully. You always do a good job. Health – for those who criticize a lot – criticism hampers health. Praise vivifies health. If nervous or anxious Chamomille tea or Aconite Napellis (homeopath) soothes and calms the nervous system. Your garden becomes a place of color and of refuge. You understand these words – the immediate beauty of color. Color is your creativity.

AQUARIUS: Attempt to explain what you need in a neutral kind voice. Then always say “Thank you, I am grateful.” Gratitude and Goodwill are healers. It’s important to explain your needs, ideas, perceptions and decisions clearly. You may think you explained yourself during the retrograde. Actually those words remained in your head and were not articulated. Others won’t understand your actions. You need a bit of play – releasing forgotten child-like energy. Listen to others with compassion and care. Aquarians are faster than the speed of light.

PISCES: It’s good to withdraw, to reflect on what has occurred the past seven years. It is important also to prepare for what is to come, which is actually unknown. Simultaneously, examine your daily life, evaluate your possible next steps and assess what needs have recently arisen. Speak the truth, your deepest thoughts and feelings, allow no pressures to build. Focus inwardly. Appreciate your childhood and parents for what they gave (or did not give) – all chosen before birth. Rest and sing more. “O what a beautiful morning. O what a beautiful day. Everything’s going my way.”

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