Serving in Aquarius – Sun, New Moon in Aquarius

While resting on the mountaintop of Capricorn the disciples, hearing the cries of humanity in need, knew they would return to Earth, to serve in Aquarius and save in Pisces (the last two signs). Tuesday, Sun enters Aquarius. The disciples return after a long well deserved rest in Capricorn’s light.

Aquarius – the New Age (after Pisces); the Moon of the U.S.; President Obama’s Ascendant (18 degrees Aquarius, close to the U.S. Moon). Aquarius distributes Ray 5 from a star in the Big Dipper. All twelve zodiacal signs are influenced by the 7 Cosmic Rays from the Big Dipper. Ray 5 is Concrete/Scientific Knowledge (technologies central to the Aquarian new age). The heart of Aquarius, however, is Jupiter (Love/Wisdom). The rising sign (Ascendant) signifies one’s Soul purpose (virtues). Now that our Sun and solar system is aligned with Aquarius, the rising sign of Earth (and all of humanity) is Aquarius. The Soul of Humanity is beginning to express itself as Aquarius, the “water bearer” – “Waters of Life Poured Forth for Thirsty Humanity” (Aquarian task). It is therefore through the characteristics and nature of Aquarius that humanity’s collective human purpose (the next two thousand years) is revealed.

Esoterically Aquarius is the “light that shines on Earth, across the sea…the light shining in the dark, cleansing with its healing rays that which must be purified, until the dark is gone.” The New Group of World Servers are present day “water bearers”, commissioned with creating the new culture and civilization, the heart of which is Love/Wisdom, equality and essential unity, directed by the Aquarian Laws & Principles (explained next week). Upcoming week: Tuesday – Aquarius New Moon Festival. Wednesday – Mercury retrogrades (17 Aquarius). We complete major plans this week. During Mercury retro we rest and review. (295)

ARIES: I don’t know of another time in your life when you were called as deeply as you are now to help and serve humanity, focusing your will(ingness) and abilities toward initiating a new world culture and civilization. It’s important to seek like-minded groups assisting each other in this historical, era-changing task. This is what you’ve been called here to do. Initiating all that’s new.

TAURUS: You’re called to bring forth all ideas that helps activate and then support the work Aries (and the New Group of World Servers) is initiating that brings forth the new economic order (New Sharing Society). The past months (if not years) you’ve known your job was to gather information for the difficult times to come. Even if few listen, you carry on.

GEMINI: Your mind thinks on previous goals that did or did not manifest. You assess the education you did or did not complete. You think of travel and adventures, philosophies and religion, all these things, sorting them out, reviewing beliefs, gathering from conclusions new goals, adventures, ways of life, religious (or spiritual) beliefs. A new mind forming for the new times.

CANCER: The next weeks uncover deep unrecognized feelings affecting your next life steps. Careful. Don’t be too secretive about what you’re doing. You need people around to share thoughts and feelings, ideas and plans. It’s what your heart’s missing these days. You also hold information valuable to other’s well-being. Say yes to what’s offered. Then offer more.

LEO: Your mind assesses everyday work, how to tend to yourself carefully and daily, and the best ways to be effective and efficient within all your responsibilities when experiencing less and less time. There are relationships where real communication is needed, ideas to be shared, and time must be set-aside for special moments. This intense focus on time continues. It mirrors your future.

VIRGO: You’ll complete tasks, then redo them. You’ll have a thought as new thoughts arise. You’ll think you’ve completed something, realizing it’s completely incomplete. You’ll find odds and ends from the past seeking closure. You’ll be busy, productive, at times impatient, look backward, backpedal when necessary, review, renew, and in the midst of it all be happy. This begins in a week or two.

LIBRA: It’s good to upgrade and/or add more technology to your life. Do it now. Later, there may be more than a few steps needed than expected. With these new tools your creativity will express itself more easily. In coming weeks think about home, family, growing up, and foods to prepare relating to art and culture. Consider your summer garden.

SCORPIO: You are having questions pertaining to security and what signifies safety. You think about home, wondering where it is. You consider living in other areas and regions. You make lists of priorities, needs, hopes, wishes. You need to include community because in the future you can no longer be alone all the time. Community has many meanings. What does it mean for you?

SAGITTARIUS: It’s good to explore – neighborhood, neighbors, downtown, etc., renewing social contacts here and afar. It’s good to focus on things local, spending money that supports community resources. You may also think about and study investing in gold or silver, precious metals. Research is best done during retros – next week. In the meantime don’t careful of wrong turns. Silence is good. Sag is the sign of silence.

CAPRICORN: Money and finances will become a focused endeavor. You’ll find yourself more generous. However, you can also spend in areas that are not essential, thus depleting financial resources. Have you made a monthly budget yet, assessing expenditures at month’s end? Begin to teach children the value, use, and tithing of money. You will and do not lack money. It is simply a time to be consciously careful with it. When an endeavor ends, something new comes forth.

AQUARIUS: People will be attracted to what you say, do and think. It’s Venus, shining its benevolent light upon your life. You will magnetize, attract people. This has two outcomes. One is being constantly in the spotlight, becoming overworked and overstressed. The other is finding it difficult to rest, have quiet and solace. Be extra careful with health and add more exercise. Consider all that you do as serving.

PISCES: We see you struggling with a new self-identity, struggling to flourish. It’s a struggle of identity, geography, place, groups and of things constantly dissolving away (Neptune). New opportunities and contacts eventually emerge from the shadows as past hopes and wishes are renewed. They will become practical. Use money on something special for yourself. A future plan is coming into form. It loves you. You’ll want to dress for it.

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