The New Year, New Renaissance – Incoming Ray 7

We are in winter now (Northern hemisphere) – a deeply interior moment of time. What will 2015 bring forth? As 2015 unfolds and the last (of seven) Uranus/Pluto square occur, humanity begins to understand the old world cannot be restored and realizes its true identity (World Server). Uranus – all things new. Pluto – complete transformation.

A new world emerges as the old passes away. The world Economic Adjustment will continue. It signifies the First Initiation for humanity, birthing new awareness and responsibility for the Aquarian Age. As new awareness grows, there will be a simultaneous emergence of new entrepreneurs (Uranus in Aries).

2015 is the Game Changing Year. We will remember and recover the Renaissance, which ended the Dark Ages for humanity (due to Ray 7 – new rhythms and archetypes). A new electrical energy (Uranus) streams into Earth. The young (and aware) ones will discover this energy, invent new words (beyond “alternative) describing the new energy.

Ancient scientific teachings, long suppressed, will create breakthrough energies offering hope to humanity and the will to shape a different future. The political, governmental, financial landscapes will also change. The young will no longer be interested in government breakdowns & partisanship. We will realize there is no longer need for oil, gas or coal. Without these our Mideast focus (wars) ceases. From our ancient past will emerge a Renaissance.

The Renaissance began as Ray 3 (Divine Intelligence), Ray 5 (Concrete & Scientific knowledge), & Ray 7 (new rhythms anchored on earth), rays from the Big Dipper, entered Earth. These are once again sweeping into Earth anchoring new archetypes. They rule the Aquarian Age, the Age of Humanity. Epiphany is Tuesday. The Three Kings with their three gifts found the Holy Child.

ARIES: You’re being called to world service with the New Group of World Servers. You have two choices. To focus on your own personal satisfaction, or work toward the stabilization of humanity. Either choice depends on your level of awareness. Both choices are “on the Path”. One is more difficult than the other. One sings, the other’s learning. The world needs help. Especially from Aries.

TAURUS: Your thoughts are quite unlike others, your mind far away, always considering the future. You’re concerned with providing knowledge so everyone understands the times ahead, preparing for the future in ways our ancestors knew. You’re concerned with humanity fulfilling its destiny. Now you must organize your own home. Then you become a model to others. Preparing a place for others.

GEMINI: Our (your) world is different now and will continue to be. Prior ways managing money and resources are no longer safe. Investments now must be in land, gardens, greenhouses, community, foods, non-perishables, medicines, etc. The present economic instability will create a new stability when humanity learns equitable responsibility and sharing. Because you understand, you are to become the ambassador, spokesperson and representative for these.

CANCER: Read Gemini first. Then look to your relationships. Be sure to focus all energy and love onto those close to you. Take the time to communicate with them on deeper levels, especially if sharing resource, forming partnerships and/or marriage. Communication is the foundation and heart of successful partnerships. Share what you know, sense, feel through what you say.

LEO: You begin to consider detailed facts and information in order to steer successfully (an important word for you now) through daily tasks and responsibilities. You are always in service to others. Perhaps you realize goals haven’t been met, tasks are half done, and conclude daily life tasks are overwhelming. In the coming weeks you’ll firmly anchor a ladder of goals, climbing each step ‘til all’s accomplished. Success is in the details.

VIRGO: What seemed challenging soon becomes routines giving you more ability for creative acts of beauty. You discover a hidden gift of accomplishment. You become more inspired, patient, with focused intention. Take time to rest each afternoon observing the subtle altering shadows of afternoon light. Visualize the Sun’s light entering your heart. Recite the Gayatri.

LIBRA: You will think fondly of home, friends and family. You will cherish and be devoted your home. You will clean and tend it, creating with heart and mind an environment of understanding and forgiveness. Your home is indeed a gift. And so you will think about children, gardens, art and artistry for your home. You might build a rose arbor above a gate, passing through this gate and on the path toward your spiritual home.

SCORPIO: As awareness unfolds, a gift, you note tensions and duality. Through them you seek to relate and blend the dual realities within yourself. They symbolize the personality and Soul. A space forms between these two poles and it intensifies. The tension and intensity have purpose –providing discernment between the higher and lower self. Eventually a marriage of opposites occurs. A triangle forms. Ponder these words. Draw.

SAGITTARIUS: Read Scorpio’s words first. Then, note the battle within that may be occurring, a struggle of identity. Know that Vulcan the forger is attempting to make you into a golden chalice. A new identity is the gift. So often we’re at war, magnetically attracted to materiality. Later we cultivate a rapport with Venus and right relationships to form and matter materialize. Silence, observation and serving others helps this come forth.

CAPRICORN: You may feel in a state of sacrifice, always assisting others in need – a gift you offer the world. Sometimes we must do battle with ourselves (desires). These battles create challenges Caps are able to overcome. During this month (and year) notice a need to focus upon yourself. It’s important now to develop who you are. The past is over. That is good. Who is the new you emerging? Recognizing this process gives you solace.

AQUARIUS: Try not to be swept away by emotion, political or religious idealism or self-criticism (a self-judgment). Aquarians are often worried and fearful beings Here’s a prayer (mantram), a gift to you during these holy days, that dissolves and dissipates illusion, worry and fear… “Lead me O Lord, from darkness to light, from the unreal to the real, from death to Immortality.” Say it ceaselessly. It instills courage, hope and reality.

PISCES: Two levels often occur in live. Which fits you? The first is we seek to have others bend to our will offering opinions and ideas we believe to be true. The second is our will offered to Thy Will working harmoniously in service to the Group. The first is personality experiential learning. The second is under the direction of the Soul. The gifts here are knowing, discriminating, understanding and identifying the differences. Each leads eventually to the other. Then joy emerges – another gift.

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