Burning Man, Mercury Enters Libra & Labor Day

It’s the week of Burning Man, the temporary intentional alternative community on the playas of Nevada. Art everywhere. Mercury, messenger of the Sun, enters Libra this week. Libra is the equalizer, sign of balance and Right Human Relations. Sometimes with Libra, learning how to make balanced and Right Choice, we can feel and seem to be indecisive and confused. Sometimes to keep the peace we communicate only what others want to hear. Eventually we learn how to speak from the heart.

With Mercury in Libra we’re called to bring about Right Communication, to foster humanitarian visions and communicate the Law of Right Human Relations. Mercury in Libra creates links between individuals and groups, expands networks and externalizes ideas. Mercury (Ray 4) blends with Libra (Ray 3). From conflict comes balance if we have the intention for Goodwill. It begins with each of us.

Monday, September 1st is Labor Day, a federal and civic holiday. Most businesses are closed. Resting for the day. Created in 1882, Labor Day was created to be a day of rest for workers exhibiting to the public “the strength and esprit de corps of trade and labor organizations dedicated to the spiritual and educational aspects of the Labor Movement”. Originally there were festivals, parades, fireworks, picnics for workers and families. Labor Day is between Independence Day (July) and Thanksgiving (November). Workers need(ed) a holiday between the two. Today Labor Day’s original purpose is quite forgotten. Instead we consider it the last chance for vacations and football season begins. We put our white clothes and shoes away sensing summer’s end as each day the light darkens. On this Labor Day, let us have gratitude for all those who labor in the world. Let us not make it a day to shop. (232)

ARIES: What’s occurring at home and work, and what are the conflicts? There’s a sense of responsibility at work, a heaviness perhaps with so much needing completion. You will have help even while feeling quite alone. Work seems like it’s shifting daily and that too is a pressure. Gather colleagues, ask for help, know the relentless changes are preparing you for later leadership.

TAURUS: Having been freed from a previous responsibility and service you now step into a state of reflection and assessment. You become attentive to goals and future needs. You will make intelligent decisions about your life even though there’s added tension developing everywhere in the world. It’s the sign of the times and the challenge of this tension brings us to attention to matters close at hand. Clearing your environment is your task.

GEMINI: The issues you’re facing now ask you to retreat into your home and garden. There you decide how much of yourself can be in the world and how much stays behind. You must build a strong immune system. This is an important time to focus on your innermost self. You’re strong and thus capable of accomplishing all required spiritual work. Begin each day by tending to yourself first.

CANCER: Seek, ask for and then share intelligent ideas and conversations with others. This stimulates your mind and heart, soothes any wounds you harbor about your intellectual abilities, and brings a new foundation to all relationships. If there’s illness and tiredness, it’s the need for more sleep, complex vitamin Bs, adrenal support and exercise. Careful about spending on unneeded items. It’s time for study about something you’re interested in.

LEO: You may be working alone. For some Leos this isn’t unusual. For others there may be a feeling of being stranded. This is temporary. It’s a time of retreat, of gathering necessary energy, tending the home fires – finances, daily life, sorting, organizing, reviewing and removing what is no longer needed. This includes belief systems not supporting happiness and joy. What does for you? Create an ongoing list.

VIRGO: Some Virgos feel an overwhelming pressure to do something – more work, more responsibility, create structures and spiritual rhythms brining order to daily life. Some Virgos wonder about the future, worrying if there’s no clear path they’re lost. These are the times when gardening brings us to the present, eliminates shadows of doubt, helps one cooperate with the unseen world. What is in your garden?

LIBRA: Your work world and daily life have been in a state of change for the past many years. This month and beyond restructuring will continue to occur, bringing forth new agendas, ideas and programs to follow through on. Share with others your needs, hopes, wishes and the wounds that continue to hurt. Sharing allows a new self-identity to form. As the old ways pass away.

SCORPIO: Do be careful of quick opinions and judgments, of sharing controversial ideas with those who cannot share your views. Be careful with how you speak with friends, those living at a distance from you, and those with different cultural backgrounds. I would not travel at this time unless it’s necessary. Be cautious, be concerned and very aware of all communications. You’re creating a new identity. What you say today changes tomorrow.

SAGITTARIUS: Before launching yourself into a new adventure take the time to tend to family and loved ones. There something being missed at home and there’s wounding being revealed. Be your charming self, make contact, assure them of your devotion and provide them with the care they can understand. This allows you freedom and liberty for upcoming adventures, changes and new endeavors. You understand this.

CAPRICORN: Do all you can to allow communication to flow easily. There may be misunderstandings in how people listen or feel heard. Everyone’s ability to speak seems turned around, upside down. This is particularly emphasized within relationships, and people at work. Be the harmonizer, listening well and carefully. Daily reality seems somehow on the precipice of falling down. It is and you’re capable of easing yourself through it.

AQUARIUS: Do you feel as if life has slowed down, money is hidden away somewhere not to be found, there’s a sense of restriction letting yourself be seen, and decisions are difficult to bring forth? These situations are occurring because new realities are about to emerge. Previous realities are still present but this too is temporary. Visualize your wants and needs. It creates a magnet drawing to you new ideas, values and resources.

PISCES: Tend to all duties and responsibilities. Something or someone at home needs reordering, revitalizing and reorganization. Set aside time to make all environments clear and clean. Then a deeper creativity comes forth. You’re concerned with a domestic situation and at times there is a great tension. You also may be considering great changes in where you live and work in. Nothing moves forward as planned. Another, greater plan is in place.


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