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Local Author Wins National Award

Linda Leavell, a long-time Oklahoma State University literature professor, was working away on her turquoise leather chair in her Fayetteville home where she does all of her writing.

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Cultivating Sustainability: Organization to Build Edible Art Park

In the rolling hills of Northwest Arkansas, there’s more than 100 acres of farmland nestled near Dead Horse mountain in southeast Fayetteville.

Advice Risa's Astrology

The Thoughtform of Solution

Our last week of Leo before Sun enters Virgo (next Friday/Saturday). The planets this week make complex patterns and relationships (vibrational cadences and rhythms) with the outer planets, mainly Neptune – the planet that veils, obscures, protects and finally refines us. Neptune offers us entrance into a deeply spiritual sense of comfort and solace.

Making Ripples

DIY Kitchen Composter

To save money, you can build your own kitchen composter that fits under the kitchen counter!

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I'm With Stupor

No wife, no job, probably no car, and no house — it’s like there’s a country song sleeping on your couch.


The Day I Renounced Feminism

Women’s rights, men’s rights, who’s right?

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Civil Rights Bill Meets Opposition

The Fayetteville City Council met last Tuesday to discuss a bill that would bring about true enforcement of civil rights in Fayetteville.