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That Rowdy Rock n’ Roll Sound

American Lions, from Conway, Ark., are keeping rock n’ roll alive with their modern take on the classic rock sound.

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Burning Man, Mercury Enters Libra & Labor Day

It’s the week of Burning Man, the temporary intentional alternative community on the playas of Nevada.


Quiver Me Timbers

Dear Michelle Duggar,

When the Fayetteville City Council was considering the anti-discrimination bill, you recorded a robo-call message that tried to scare people into thinking that transgender individuals were out to molest children.


Fayetteville Anti-Discrimination Order Passes

According to Nick Brothers’ article in the Aug. 21 issue of the “Free Weekly,” Associate Professor Laurent Sacharoff of the U of A School of Law cited history at the

Making Ripples

Intentional Eating

Many different kinds of diets can be done intentionally. There are a variety of awesome reasons for people to choose a sustainable omnivorous, vegetarian, vegan or any number of other diets. A few arguments, however, promote ignorance rather than intentional eating.

Cover Story

Displaced: Turkish Citizen Overcomes Adversity

In March 2011, Sirin (pronounced shir-reen) Duman Alkarim waited on the veranda of her Damascus, Syria, home, scared, thinking about what could happen to her husband, Taysir Alkarim.

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MP3's A Crowd

Desperation is always so sexy — like Abraham Lincoln in a lime-green mankini.