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Tap Roots, Feeder Roots and Tree Canopies

What do Lucinda Williams, bread from Durham, and your grandpa have in common?

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10 Easy Ways to Incorporate Sustainability Into Your Lifestyle

“Being sustainable doesn’t mean sacrifice,” said Steve Boss, director of sustainability academic programs at the University of Arkansas. “It just means being being more aware of what you’re wasting and being smarter about it.”

Advice Advice Goddess

Empty Shelly

When you say to your girlfriend “So, what are your thoughts on the Middle East?” you’d rather she didn’t respond, “Like, you mean, Philadelphia?”

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Leo Solar Festival Full Moon

We continue in the month and Leo, the sign where humanity begins to recognize itself through it creativity and it love.


‘Boyhood’ Hits Growing Up on the Head

Overall, growing up is a tough thing to do. There may not be a better artistic interpretation of that than Linklater’s “Boyhood.”


Gimme an M, Gimme an E, Look at Me, Me, Me

Lately, I’ve noticed a new line being drawn, and it’s the one between which parts of our bodies are socially acceptable to show in public and which ones aren’t.

Making Ripples

How Many Skinks Can You Count in Your Yard?

Now is the time to witness these humorously named, brilliantly colored, and overlooked reptiles scurrying about your patio or rock wall.