Aries Spring Festival & Spirit Of Resurrection


We are in the first week of spring. It is a potent week with many world conferences, potent astrological alignments and a solar festival with the Spirit of Resurrection and the Forces of Restoration beginning to flow into the earth during the first full moon of the season.

Thursday (World Poetry Day) Venus enters Aries joining the Sun, Mars and Uranus in Aries (four fiery fields to bring forth “all things new” this springtime).

Friday (World Water Cooperation Day), Mars/Uranus in Aries create explosive, life-changing energy and change. Saturday (Earth Hour, turning off lights/electricity for one hour) Jupiter/Saturn intersect. We must expand our discipline in order to create the new world and civilization.

Sunday (Palm Sunday), Christ rode a young colt into Jerusalem. For a few moments among the few who could “see”, He was recognized as the Pisces World Teacher.

Tuesday (Passover begins) Mars in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn. Mars/Pluto — the transformation continues, the breakdown must go forward (Pluto in Cap) so “all things new” (Mars in Aries) can emerge. However, not without a battle of the old forces resisting the new. Jupiter and Chiron inform humanity they (we) must make a choice between the two.

Wednesday (Spring’s first full moon) is the Aries solar Festival when the Love of the Father for His children and the Forces of Restoration flow into the Earth (the Mother). They will help humanity in so many ways — restoring moral and psychological health and uplifting humanity, bringing about the emergence of the new civilization and the new spiritual materialism.”

ARIES: Everything changed
for you when Mars entered Aries.
Your energy listed and became
more available. You also
felt more impatient, wanting to
move forward, engage in new
enterprises, make new impressions in the
world. You might feel the need to assume
leadership over everyone and everything.
Careful. Be kind. Be a leader, but understand
you move more quickly than others.

TAURUS: You tell everyone
you’d rather remain at home
and research and not go out
and about for a long time. You
want to catch up on tasks not
tended to the past many years.
Needing to maintain reserves of energy to
get through each day, you need privacy
and solitude. Many previous behaviors
may arise. Observe them. Consider if they
useful? You may dream more. Record them.
Overtime they tell you a story.

GEMINI: You need to participate
in your group of friends
a bit more, seeking their
cooperation in either working
on a project with you or listening
to you with care and intention
so you can clarify your thinking. If you lead
a group teach cooperation, organize them
as a team to achieve a particular goal.
Ask each member their hopes, wishes
and desires for the future. You’re achieving
Aquarian goals. You’re a humanitarian.

CANCER: You want to be
recognized for your knowledge,
abilities, and what you
accomplish each day. It’s good
to want this recognition for it
stimulates your ability to share
and provide information to others. Many
are in need of real and true information.
You always ask the question, “What is real
and true?” When we ask, what’s needed is
always given. For those seeking new work
or a job, after this week step forward into
the world.

LEO: You may feel a hunger
for things far from your usual
life and ways of living. Other
culture, people, places and
things seem to be summoning
you in subtle yet persistent
ways. You’re restless for a new reality, a
new adventure. You want new activities,
conversations, new goals, new subjects to
study. An outer fire blends with your inner
Leo fire. Everything you seek will appear.
Careful legally.

VIRGO: You may be called to
be more cooperative and this
may be a challenge. But you
can do this. Relationships will
be the challenge and perhaps
you will need to consult with
someone concerning how to be a bit more
dynamic yet loving, how to settle difference
and allow everyone to be heard. Careful
with impatience and ending things too
quickly. Reconcile with those you have had

LIBRA: Life seems to be accelerating,
moving faster each
day. Sometimes those around
you move too quickly and
you feel left behind. Perhaps
you’re working too hard and too
long. Even though you may have abundant
energy, tend to your health, make tending
to your health a harmonious daily practice.
Careful with inflammation and infections.
Slow down on glutens, grains and all
sweets, gluten. Handle you and co-workers’
frustration, restlessness and anger calmly.

SCORPIO: Intimacy is important
for you at this time. There
are many types of intimacy
— from friendship to lovers,
intimacy of the mind, the heart,
and physical intimacy. Things
held in common with another is an intimacy.
Knowing your values is an intimate level
concerning the self. Sometimes, intimacies
end and sometimes a new intimacy begins,
both affect you deeply. Be aware of your
subtle feelings. Realize what you need. Ask
for it. Intimates will help you.

much energy flowing through
your body and mind you simply
can’t find any self-discipline.
That’s OK if you use that unbounded
energy for creative activities.
You could also find children, or those
who are child-like, to play with. Romantic
things are good too and your love life may
sense a deeper level of passion. Make sure
you get enough sleep. Don’t risk anything
by gambling. Just play (innocently) more.

CAPRICORN: Much of your
energy is focused at home or
where your domestic self resides.
You’re highly instinctual
at this time and protective. It’s
important that you feel secure
because you are called to make important
decisions concerning family and the home.
When feeling unusually moody or frustrated
tend to home repairs and arrange family activities.
Step back if arguments begin. Old
emotional issues may resurface. They’ve
arrived for review.

AQUARIUS: So many ideas
and plans in your head that
you feel a bit overwhelmed
and scattered and so you try to
share these ideas with others
but so many errands and tasks
come in between you and sharing
with others that you feel frustrated and can
move into arguments if you’re not careful.
Realizing you could feel impatient and
impulsive be careful driving and when using
machinery, scissors or knives (while cooking).
Your passionate mind works overtime.

PISCES: It’s a good time to
create a notebook or journal
of values, past, present and
future. Often we can ascertain
values by deciding what we
need. Tend to monetary issues
– savings accounts, taxes, insurance,
inheritances. Is something occurring with
your bank? Do you need to change banks
from large corporate to local? If so, do this
immediately. Don’t impulse buy. It’s important
to acknowledge you’re worth.

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