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Teenage Writers, Reading Aloud

By Robert Laurence They have a reputation to uphold. Thirty years of publication, on-time and never missed. Multiple recognitions of national excellence by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. Front cover


Drones Strike At Heart Of Religious Leaders

Dear Editor: In 2012 I traveled to Pakistan to investigate how drone strikes were impacting Pakistani citizens. Upon my arrival, it became clear that President Obama’s drone strike policy is


Traveling Poets Find Comfy Spot

By Roger Barrett If you’ve been to a poetry reading at Nightbird Books, or bought a book of poetry at the Dickson Street Bookshop then you’ve probably met Matthew Henriksen.

Advice Risa's Astrology

Full Moon in the Wesak Valley

Esoteric Astrology as news for week April 25, 2013 Thursday is the Buddha Full Moon Taurus Wesak Festival. A great legend says that at the time of the full moon


A Soldier's Heart

By Ginny Masullo Jacob George of A Ride Till the End (ARTTE) is the Afghanistan war veteran and Arkansas native who burst onto the scene when he and his supporters

Cover Story

The Date Rape Culture

By Terrah Baker Everyone’s heard the story of the young, attractive college-age girl walking alone at night to her car when a man wearing a black mask and wielding a


What Does It Mean To Look Like A Girl?

By Terrah Baker Jane Kang looks like your average girl, despite her shaved head. She talks like a girl. She even dresses like a girl. But what does that mean,

Making Ripples

Introducing "People Making Ripples"

By Amanda Bancroft “People Making Ripples” is a series of photographs and short captions about what local residents in Northwest Arkansas are doing to live sustainably. Some future Making Ripples


What Goes Down Our Drains?

By Terrah Baker For the second year, local artists have been chosen to beautify the storm drains of NWA, with the hopes of educating the public about what goes into


Win Tickets to American Idiot at the WAC

Enter to win two tickets to see AMERICAN IDIOT at the Walton Arts Center