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New Law Ends City Control Over Cable Franchises

Sponsors: Primary — Files and Wright Secondary — Bookout, D. Sanders, J. Woods, Ratliff, Wren, Branscum, Gilliam, Linck, Slinkard, Cozart, J. Dismang, Perry, Steel, D. Altes, J. Key, Rapert and

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Ex-Rated Movie

I’ve been with my boyfriend for a year. We were best friends and talked about everything — what our kids would be like, projects we’d do together, magical worlds, and

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The 'New Right’s' War On Women

The 89th General Assembly of Arkansas: AN ACT TO ESTABLISH THE PREGNANT WOMAN’S PROTECTION ACT.  SB170 — Is now known as Act 156 as it has been signed into law.


How-To-Self-Publish Seminar

Dear Editor: In November 2011, I published a children’s book called “The Journey to Stone Village.” I wrote the book several years earlier and had tried to find an illustrator


Queen Hits Musical High Notes

By Terrah Baker When TFW was offered the opportunity to give away two tickets to One Night of Queen at the Walton Arts Center on March 15, I couldn’t do


Band Supports Their Fayetteville Home

There’s a spot in Fayetteville where Drew Walls of the band Damn Arkansan said local and traveling bands along with their fans can feel at home. “When we started playing a lot in Fayetteville, Smoke and Barrel was our launch pad, one of the first places we started doing shows and where we feel at home,” Walls said.

Making Ripples

100 Wonders On One Acre

By Amanda Bancroft In the very first Making Ripples column in 2012, I asked: “How can we make every aspect of our life create something wonderful in the world?” Most

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Tragedy, Sacrifice and Sorrow In Santa Cruz, Calif.

By Risa A tragedy occurred in a small seaside town of California this week. We offer prayers to the families of all those who died by the events (shootings). No