Tragedy, Sacrifice and Sorrow In Santa Cruz, Calif.

By Risa

A tragedy occurred in a small seaside town of California this week. We offer prayers to the families of all those who died by the events (shootings). No one can replace a mommy or daddy, a husband or wife, a daughter or son. When shocks like this occur we seek answers. There are some. The situation foreshadows the chaos yet to come in our world. The past months’ violent events in Santa Cruz are “signs of the times.” One age ending, another emerging. What is occurring in Santa Cruz (the microcosm) is a microcosm of the world today. Chaos is befalling humanity. From chaos, a new harmony emerges.

Libra and Scorpio are prominent signs in the astrology chart of Santa Cruz. Scorpio is the sign of the warrior who, experiencing death, becomes the World Disciple. Disciples “lead the way” in understanding and using the tools of “warriorship” — a keen mind that grasps the wisdom teachings. We are, all of us, the disciple Arjuna, called to make a severe choice. Arjuna was not a pacifist.

We are in a time of transition when the Forces of Materialism (outerplanetary origins) are manifesting.

The reality is this ancient darkness is being “flushed out.” And this creates sacrifices. With multiple planets in Pisces (sacrificial death to save the world) those protecting us become the casualties. Such sorrow! The perpetrators are casualties, too.  It’s an ancient dance of light vs. dark. As a town and city, as humanity facing this challenge, there are things we can do.

We are to focus ourselves with the work of the future. It is not gun control. Do not be deceived. We are to understand who is truly attempting to control us. If we daily within ourselves unite head and heart and stand under the Will-to-Good we are led to discernment, discrimination and to intelligence loving service. These bind us in the closest spiritual unity. Then, as a town (towns everywhere) we can together begin the Task of Reconstruction, building the new culture and civilization. This is the New Harmony.

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