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Gratitude Adjustment

By Amy Alkon My boyfriend of three months seems wonderful. He is attentive and tries hard to please me, even in small ways (like always making sure I get tea

Making Ripples

Small House Designs

By Amanda Bancroft U.S. buildings consume 72 percent of the nation’s electricity and generate 47 percent of all U.S. CO2 emissions, according to the Rocky Mountain Institute. Our homes have


The Purple Emerald

By Brandon Weston Third Installment Later that evening, after Reginald retired to the library in his smoking jacket and Lord Henry to his private chambers with a bottle of cognac,

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Employers Steal Wages In NWA

By Terrah Baker The Arkansas Department of Labor has a different name for what activists at the Springdale-based Northwest Arkansas Workers’ Justice Center call “wage theft.” “We actually call it


An Alternative Music Gem

The Fayetteville music scene has always had its hidden gems. What rises to the top in our small town music scene is usually a dressed up imitation of something nostalgic or already geared towards mass consumption. With instant access and information overload, most musicians have become sterile waiting rooms of irony — you listen but you tune out because the words have nothing to do with your life. As music critics have pointed out, regional music scenes are on the way out.

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Dress Down Sequence With Fatigue Ease

By Emily Smith Dressing down a fancy, silk cocktail dress (even one with sequins) is easy when you throw some weathered fatigues into the mix! TIP:  Look for anything that

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Navigating The eReader Maze

eReader usage is on the rise, and the decision of which eReader to buy can feel like navigating a maze with a variety of choices and options. So, which eReader


Using Our Currency: Grassroots Activism

By Terrah Baker On Feb. 17, the largest rally to bring attention to the issue of climate change was held on the steps of our — your — Nation’s capitol,

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The High Risk Of GMO

By Luke Simons In A Store Near You Do you ever wonder what’s in your food? This might be food that comes in a box or can or it could


Of Hair And Hubris

By Rachel Birdsell I received an email today from member, Angelo Carusone. Mr. Carusone started a petition last year to boycott Macy’s until they stopped carrying Donald Trump’s 100