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Making Ripples

Productive Pets By Amanda Bancroft Most people consider chickens to be the quintessential productive pet, and enjoy their birds just as much as they enjoy getting an egg for breakfast


Underground Brings Folk Music Star

Cathy Barton and Dave Para will be in concert Fri., Feb. 8, at the Underground

Family Friendly

It's Time For Mardi Gras Mahem

Staff Report It’s Mardis Gras season. Unlike the other seasons we so anticipate, Mardis Gras is actually fun. Masks, excessive jewelry — reused, not plastic if we’re keeping Fayetteville Funky


Boom! Kinetic Reaches To Global Audience

Mix the newest craze of light dance/electronic music with soft, indie male voices, catchy pop tunes and emotion-tugging lyrics

In The News

House of Blurbs

Phil Sees No Shadow According to the website of the Groundhog Club out of Punxsutawney, Pa., the following poetic proclamation was announced on their website Feb. 2: Punxsutawney Phil, the

Advice Advice Goddess

When Horndog Met Sally

By Amy Alkon A male friend just tried to booty call me (texting after midnight that he was horny). I’m angry and revolted. I’ve known he’s liked me, thanks to

8 Days a Week

Valley of the Vapors

By Roger Barrett I met Bill Solleder in Hot Springs, Ark. at the first Valley of the Vapors Music Festival. For someone with a seemingly endless list of interests and


Cold Feet, Warm Heart

By Rachel Birdsell I watched a documentary last night that explored what makes people happy. A man with a lot of letters after his name explained that our nervous system

Advice Risa's Astrology

Chinese New Year of Snake Sleeping in Winter

Esoteric Astrology as news for week February 7-14, 2013 Chinese New Year begins Sunday, Feb. 10, at the new moon of Aquarius (22 degrees). It’s the Year of the Black


Womack: Intolerant Of Citizens Climate Lobby

By Terrah Baker Congressman Steve Womack of the Third District of Arkansas was not happy with the group he saw before him on Jan. 31 in a meeting room in