Boom! Kinetic Reaches To Global Audience

Boom! Kinetic Reaches To Global Audience

By Terrah Baker

Mix the newest craze of light dance/electronic music with soft, indie male voices, catchy pop tunes and emotion-tugging lyrics reminiscent of The Killers and you have Boom! Kinetic, and all the reasons their music is catching on in the national music industry.

They’re the Fayetteville-based band ‘Round Magazine called “a great indie, pop band with modern production but with roots in the 80s, creating infectious tunes that span the generations.”
And now, they’re getting signed to a record label out of Virginia that will help the band reach potential fans across the globe.

Members of Boom! Kinetic sat down with The Free Weekly to discuss the band, how it happened for them and what this means for the future.

Q: How did Boom! Kinetic get started?
A: Wiley Seeger (lead singer): Everybody had been in an original band so we saw how difficult it was to do what you love and make money doing it, while being an original band. That stemmed on the whole cover thing.
We started in 2007 as a cover band. Our goal was to make money doing that and we did. At some point we just kind of realized we had the quality musicians to where we asked ourselves “why are we doing this and not creating our own music?”
In 2008, we did our first EP, which was a four-song, short album. We loved it and it helped us advance in song writing, and allowed us to get in our own skin.

Q: Tell us about the record label you’re signing with. How did it come about?
A: Wiley: We’re really excited about signing with the label Brain Fuse Records out of Virginia. George Walsh of Brain Fuse will be here on March 8 for a public signing.
Aaron Schauer (keys): It takes a lot of work and time. Six years for us, and not to mention we were playing together in other bands before that. The deal with this particular label was we had crossed paths with someone several years ago, and things just kind of developed over time to now we’re signing a contract with them.

Q: What does signing with a label mean for the band?
A: Wiley: George has contacts throughout the globe. Our last album, we sold a bunch of albums, but 95 percent of them were in Arkansas where we played and where we promoted it. We didn’t really have any avenues. But now, we have avenues all over the world. It’s everything really, and if you want your music to be out there, you have to have promotional help.

Q: What does the future hold for Boom! Kinetic?
A: Aaron: This is what we do; we don’t have other jobs. It’s taken us about five years to get to that point to where we make enough money to live. But having this label come on is the next step, and that’s what we’ve been working for. It’s not an immediate process, it’s not American idol. That’s the 1 percent of what goes on in that level of the music industry. Most of it is 10 years of working your ass off and then maybe having some success.

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