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Molecular Nutrition: Approaching A Primal Diet

By Johnny Adkins, M.D. After President Kennedy’s announcement of the Apollo Project, I wanted to be an astronaut and the first one on the moon. As time passed and my


MEMPHIS: The Inspiration For The Story

Staff Report Memphis disc jockey, the late Dewey Phillips — also known as “Daddy-O-Dewey” is thought by many musical historians to be the person most responsible for integrating American radio


Dark Secrets of American History From Voice Of Girl

Staff Report Dark Secrets” is the first in a series of historical fiction novels, based on the life of Ollie McNew. In early childhood, a grandmother influenced Ollie’s belief in

Advice Advice Goddess

Vroom With A View

By Amy Alkon I’m a 34-year-old woman, dating a 27-year-old guy for three months. We have a great time together, but he’s balking at making an official commitment, meaning he


Making Ripples

By Amanda Bancroft Perhaps the best way to help the environment is to stop pooping in drinkable water — to be blunt. Seventy percent of our planet is water, 3

Family Friendly

The Booze, The Bad, And The Young

By Claire Ala Alcohol is a temptation, especially in a college town. Underage drinking is becoming a bigger problem in Fayetteville, according to the Fayetteville Police Department. As the university’s


The Implosion Of A Party

“Because in Cathrynn’s head there’s no better way to punish a rapist than to make his victim carry his baby to full term. That’ll teach him, won’t it?” By Rachel


Insiders’ Solution to Stop Corporate Control

“The American Anti-Corruption Act has been researched, developed and proposed by professionals who happen to have a first-hand look at the corruption our political system is facing.” By Terrah Baker


American Aquarium Takes Country Scene, Outlaw Style

I’ll take American Aquarium’s blend of Americana/Outlaw/Alt-Country/Roots Rock…


High Strangeness

By Robert Laurence In 1963, in Kansas City at the age of 14, Geoffrey Oelsner knows — “senses” would be the wrong word — without being told that his grandmother