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Not Just Another Pimply Face

I’ve loved my fiancee deeply for her intelligence and beautiful personality since the day we met five years ago. However, I don’t think I was ever really attracted to her.

Cover Story

Vintage Style With Pop-Art Flare

For the 2013 Northwest Arkansas Fashion Week, local boutiques have the option of showing off their styles under local nonprofit ArtAmiss, to curb the costs of participation. Black Cherry Vintage


Behind the Stacks

Free Music From the Public Library By Willow Fitzgibbon Adult Services Manager Greetings from behind the stacks of the Fayetteville Public Library, and welcome to our first Free Weekly Column.

Advice Risa's Astrology

Points of Light Within the Square

Esoteric Astrology as news for week January 10-16, 2013 Friday (Jan. 11th) is the first new moon of 2013 (22 degrees Capricorn). The moon & Sun, joined by Mercury, offers


Welcoming Baby New Year

By Joyce Hale 2013 should be The Year of the Child. Imagine what the future would be if our political leaders measured risks and benefits of all their actions by


Dead Man Walking Intensified In Operatic Form

Staff Report The most famous operas are some of the most powerful tragedies of all time, said professional opera singer and Fayetteville native, Tamara Ryan. “Like Carmen, and Madame Butterfly;


That’ll Teach You

By Rachel Birdsell Last week, I wrote about what I’d learned in 2012. I’m afraid that you might not have been able to relate to it, though. This week, to


Ridding Our Lives of Forbidden Plastics

By Terrah Baker At the end of the week when I bag my overflowing stacks of recycling to haul to Ozark Natural Foods recycling drop off, there’s one bag that’s


Trip Through Space Camp’s Musical Fusion

By Mason Carr Some unenlightened people will claim they don’t see the appeal of electronica, jam bands, or trance music unless they were to take a substantial amount of drugs.


A More Perfect Union

The Time is Year Zero, Now New Health Columnist Sees A Future With No Excuses By Alexander Wayne I like to think that the world did end on that fateful