A More Perfect Union

A More Perfect Union

The Time is Year Zero, Now
New Health Columnist Sees A Future With No Excuses

By Alexander Wayne

I like to think that the world did end on that fateful Friday, Dec. 21, 2012, and that the ancient sages hit the nail square on the head. That the Mayan priest kings, flamboyant in their peacock feathers and gold-plated shrunken-skull earrings, couldn’t have been more accurate. That this date marks our new year — Zero — our new rallying point from which to date all future dates — a2012, b2012. After and before.

The Old World, after all, was on it’s last leg. It’s nice to imagine it’s in a better place now, lounging in the heavens of chronology, reunited with all of the bygone eras and ages and epochs and yugas and cycles, swapping tall tales and comparing battle scars.

Much to the chagrin of doomsday poets and sadistic soothsayers and consumers/retailers of mass destruction, there was no uppercut issued by a rogue asteroid, slapping us all back to the Stone Age. No race of intergalactic indigents appeared through a secret government stargate portal to pulsate the planet back to a primordial frequency. Nor did there appear a great global prophet, gazing upon the world with arms outstretched and eyes closed, holding the masses in suspense… until he/she finally gives a slight nod of the head and all the righteous and good lift off to dimensions superior.

Alas, the Old World died in it’s sleep — as if to beg us not to make a fuss over its final moments. No drama. Just the peaceful passing of an epic epoch that supported change and growth and progress and destruction and death at a scale few multi-dimensional pharaoh-gods could scarcely imagine.

The slightly frightening and fully fascinating fact of the matter is that we have no idea what sort of reign to expect from this new cycle — the New World. All the prophets of old seem to say the same thing on the matter: nothing. There is a collective resonance of staggering silence.

I tend to side with the renegade yogis who promote that an era of infinite potential is at hand. That heaven has arrived, and that all we need do is be brave and bold and define what that means to us as individuals and as a collective. To reach out and claim our greatness. No longer are we living in a time where we are done to, victimized. The victim mindset is no longer a valid defense mechanism — in no way does it serve the evolution of the species. In fact, it has become appallingly boring and tiresome. We have been handed a new canvas on which to paint a masterpiece of cooperation and generosity, of right action and active peace, of intention and actualization. Seems the other option is the refusal to rid ourselves of the dreaded cancer called apathy by embracing ignorance as a rallying point. When it comes down to it, is there really a choice?

The picture is ours to paint. The story is ours to tell. The myth is ours to live. How will you realize our highest Self?

A Perfect Union is a guest column written by Alexander Wayne, local teacher, yogi and musician. Drop him a line at zanleecohen@gmail.com.

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