Insiders’ Solution to Stop Corporate Control

Insiders’ Solution to Stop Corporate Control

“The American Anti-Corruption Act has been researched, developed and proposed by professionals who happen to have a first-hand look at the corruption our political system is facing.”

By Terrah Baker

Ya’ know all those crazy conspiracy theorists, activists, environmentalists, conservatives and socialists who have been saying for years that politicians are working against us? They’ve said it’s obvious in the decisions they make, the corporate jobs they are offered once their terms are over, and in the poor state of our union. Well… it turns out they may be right. And now Washington insiders are confirming it…. and offering a solution.

The Problem
Our environmental and physical health is dwindling, Americans are out of work, and even those who aren’t are struggling, and worst of all, our hard-earned tax dollars — procured from us by our own government — are being squandered. And most of our problems reek of the same odor: corrupt politicians being bought out by corporations through bribery (jobs, money, fancy vacations, dinners, campaign funding).

When the Occupy movement began in September 2011, their unusual tactics fighting to amend the Citizens United Supreme Court case were vilified and discredited. When the Tea Party cried financial foul on the legislature, their bigotry allowed for easy determent from this message. The very stance on political financial reform that could have brought these two polarized groups together was largely overlooked by our corporate-controlled media, the people and our government.

A Solution
Luckily, some pretty intelligent, successful and powerful advocates for political reform used their inside perspective to brainstorm something all of the 99 percent can get behind. They claim that real and permanent change is possible with The American Anti-Corruption Act.

Former Federal Election Commission Chairman Trevor Potter, in consultation with strategists (lobbyist insiders included), democracy reform leaders and constitutional attorneys, crafted the act that will “get money out of politics, so the people can get back in.”

Having read the content, well, I couldn’t imagine a more idealistic endeavor. When I think of the future this act could promise, the sun shines bright on us all.

Take Action
Because we like to be informed decision makers we should all read the nine provisions before pledging our support, but from what I can tell it is a comprehensive, real solution to the political problem our country faces. And frankly, I don’t know how much longer we can wait for something “better” to come along. This may be our chance to finally get our lives — and country — back.

Visit to read and help pass this act, or support action of the same kind.

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