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Making Ripples

Canine Conservation Heroes

Dogs are receiving increasing publicity for their worldwide conservation work,

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Fiction For Fun: The Purple Emerald (Part 2)

“She figured that it must be this light, this warmth that reminds one of summer, of the tropics, smooth scents and blossoms of every color. That distracts from the pale

Advice Risa's Astrology

Valentine's Day – “be(ing) of love a little more careful…”

Esoteric Astrology as news for week of February 14-20, 2013 Valentine’s Day is Thursday. Aries moon says “Let’s do something new and different. Let’s get out and about, move around,

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Our Love/Hate Relationship With Natural Gas

“Greed beyond need has driven gas producers to woo and win foreign investors with very deep pockets to help pay for over-expansion.

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A More Perfect Union — Cobra Pose

Bhujangasana — Cobra Pose (boo-jang-GAHS-anna) By Alexander Wayne Sunday’s new moon marked the Chinese New Year, and the upcoming 13 lunar cycles fall under the auspices of the Water Snake.


I Love Bacon. But Is It Worth It?

Ya’ know what I love? I love a good hot dog on the Fourth of July, bacon

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House Of Blurbs

Good Luck For Black Cats/Dogs On Sat., Feb. 16, the Animal League of Washington County will be sponsoring adoption fees for all the adoptable black dogs and cats at the

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Love = Comprehensive Sex Education For U.S. Youth

“What these statistics, and many others, show, according to the CDC, is that sexual intercourse is happening, but so are unintended consequences of an abstinence-focused education system.” By Terrah Baker


Eat Your Heart Out: History of Valentine’s Day

We don’t know a lot about St. Valentine, but thanks to hours of mind-numbing research and the ability to make up stuff,


The Purple Emerald

By Brandon Weston First Installment Amelia Pink-Bustles slowly moved down the Grand Hallway of her Chateau fixed high in the Mountains of Bavaria, toward an aging and faded portrait of