Jupiter Enters Pisces


risa d’angeles

In the coming weeks and months following Haiti’s tragic earthquake (for shame Limbaugh and Robertson), let us continue to respond to humanity’s suffering with prayers and monetary donations sent to the Red Cross, Catholic Charities, Care, etc.

Jupiter has left Aquarius and entered Pisces. Jupiter is one of the rulers of Pisces. Jupiter in Pisces summons our compassion, makes it bigger, more inclusive, loving and wise. In Aquarius Jupiter called us to serve humanity. In Pisces, Jupiter helps us save humanity. Read more at www.nightlightnews.com.

ARIES: You long to pursue your usual pleasures. However ambition and success call and that requires Saturnian discipline and the completion of all tasks, something difficult for you. Things silent, quiet and hidden increase. Ideas fill your mind. Something’s changing within you. It’s good.

TAURUS: You’re called to the spotlight, to lead and organize. Perhaps you’re co-chairing a group, calling them to envision a future different than the past. This takes you into a new life-direction. You’re now ready to accomplish those objectives.

GEMINI: Many new ideas have occurred to you, stimulating you to make changes concerning beliefs, friendships and ideas long held. Has communications been difficult, relationships conflictual? Great things are in store for you in the coming months. Listen quietly to your mind and heart, follow what inspires you and aim high.

CANCER: You will experience many expansive changes this month regarding how and what you think, your goals are and your knowledge of the world. You may seek these changes through travel, new books and people of different cultures. Are you as sensitive as you can be with others? Sensitive meaning “acting from the heart.”

LEO: Many obligations will be met this month bordering on much too much work. However you are ethical and know that from your creativity comes your sense of self-worth. Something comes to a crisis in the months leading up to June. It’s perhaps something in terms of how you’ve cared for people.

VIRGO: It’s good to revise any monetary situation that is becoming too much to handle. Careful with finances. Your expressions create your self-identity. For some, becoming pregnant will be your new identity. Confidence precedes you in all relationships.

LIBRA: Things, people, events, ideas, even your profession may feel stopped or stalled. The reality is everything’s going into deeper layers of review and reflection. There’s a question about your home. Is something occurring there of profound depth and change?

SCORPIO: Professional situations edge sideways giving you the opportunity to make changes in how much time you are out in the world, what you give the world and what’s expected of you. A new depth of thinking begins and new life paths appear. A new level of pleasure and gladness appear, new goals, too. But there are challenges.

SAGITTARIUS: Your values, what you value, you as valuable — these continue to shift. I suggest no traveling until mid-March at least. Everything can go wrong until then. Are financial things a bit unclear? How is your home life? Something’s growing and expanding there. Either a new baby, a new place, redecoration or a feeling that a new foundation is needed. Everything increases in value. Think, gather, find, buy silver.

CAPRICORN: Things were going along smoothly and then your planet, Saturn, turned retrograde. This is good, however, for it allows Capricorns to assess what is of value to them and to assess how they see themselves in the world and what persona they want to project. A transformation of self along with values will slowly unfold in the next six months. New learnings will take place. Perhaps a study group will emerge. Whenever conflicts arise seek the “love that truly underlies all events.”

AQUARIUS: It’s important to have time alone, in solitude and quiet for lengths of time so you can relax and rejuvenate. During this time it’s important to recognize the needs of others. When we look through this lens the entire world shifts. Perhaps you are reviewing past relationships and what part you played. Know that beginning now and for the next year or so, your money, finances, resources, values and all that you possess become important. Use your money wisely. And praise those who have the courage of their convictions.

PISCES: A whole new world begins for Pisces this week. Jupiter in Pisces will create a greater life force, expanded energy, optimism and a fusion of heart and mind, from which wisdom will emerge. For a long time, you’ve wanted to bring forth something in form and matter. Jupiter will assist in this creation. Jupiter provides abundance, blessing and beauty, strength of will, spiritual purpose and a demonstrated love that becomes Grace in the lives of others.

Risa is founder and director of the Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute, a contemporary Wisdom School in Santa Cruz, Calif. E-mail: risagoodwill@gmail.com. Web site: www.nightlightnews.com.

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