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‘We Are Winning,' Two Wars, Two Colonels, and a General

The importance of replying to the glorification of warriors and war in the profiles initiated by Warren Stephens of the Stephens chain of newspapers seems clear to me.

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Before there was Trout Fishing in America, there was St. Elmo’s Fire, which was originally Wheatfield.

8 Days a Week

8 Days A Week

Hairspray, Paper Crafts, Laura and Electra Project


Crazy Heart

At the end of every year, there’s a rampage to open movies in LA and NY to make them eligible for Oscar voting consideration.

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Fayetteville Mardi Gras

The 19th annual Mardi Gras of Northwest Arkansas is scheduled for February 13-16 in downtown Fayetteville. The oldest celebration of its kind in the state offers a variety of traditional Mardi Gras festivities.


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My Favorite Books of 2009

Ahhh, the new year. It’s the time to use up that bookstore gift certificate that’s burning a hole in your pocket.

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ME2’s Out: The News Can Wait

“Mass Effect 2” came out Tuesday.

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Fayetteville author releases new book

Fayetteville author Mimi Mathis has released a new book that was published by Fayetteville based Phoenix International, which is distributed by the University of Arkansas Press.


The Bookworm

For several months now, you’ve been keeping a tight eye on Washington.