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Giving In To Winter

As winter deepens and snow and ice threaten my drive to work, I recall the nights hoping that snowfall would cancel school.


‘The Lovely Bones’

“The Lovely Bones” aims at heaven and misses.


The Strut: new album, sound

A Fayetteville band has come up with a sound that puts them in a category all their own. The Strut has created what we’ll call, for lack of a better descriptor, classical rap.


Rolling Girls, Snuggie Crawls, And Hot Music

The Walton Arts Center added a new show last week, Mikel Rouse’s Gravity Radio, and it’s not to miss.


Music Listings

Jeff Coffin Mu’tet and Sweet Okie Joe Mack, My-Tea Kind

8 Days a Week

8 Days A Week

Music and photography, Harlem Ambassadors vs. Habitat Hoopstars


Google versus China

I admire Google for threatening to pull out of China.

Risa's Astrology

Jupiter Enters Pisces

In the coming weeks and months following Haiti’s tragic earthquake (for shame Limbaugh and Robertson), let us continue to respond to humanity’s suffering with prayers and monetary donations sent to the Red Cross, Catholic Charities, Care, etc.


Devil's Sanctuary

Today’s 18-year-olds don’t remember a time before the Internet. Ronald Reagan was already a trivia answer when they were born and Nelson Mandella was a free man.

Commentary Music

Things Look Different: Another Story Of Punk Rock In Fayetteville

“You can tell when the reality changes. Things look different.”