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Esoteric Astrology as news for week March 13-19, 2007

From Water to Fire, Pisces to Aries

This week we have a second quarter moon, Palm Sunday, the 6th Sunday of Lent, St. Patrick’s Day, and Sun entering Aries. We end the spiritual year with the waters of Pisces blending with the fires of Aries. When water and fire blend, new life comes forth. As Pisces comes to an end another spiritual year comes to an end and a new spiritual year begins. Always as Pisces meets Aries, water blending with fire.

We (all the kingdoms) prepare this week for next week’s Spring Equinox, Easter, the Resurrection (of all Life and kingdoms on Earth), and the Three Spring Festivals of Aries, Taurus, and Gemini. From these three signs and through multiple other cosmic spiritual centers flow a pathway of light, (containing Love, Wisdom, Intelligence, Information, and Will) which enters our Earth though specific spiritual centers called inlets. There are five active spiritual inlets at present that distribute cosmic energy to Earth. These five are: New York City, London, Geneva, Darjeeling, & Tokyo. The onrushing streams of energy flowing from constellations (especially the Big Dipper, Sirius, & Pleiades), stars, planets and the Sun pour first into these five inlets (there are Great Angelic Devas at each inlet directing the energies and forces inward and outward). These energies are forces are then distributed to all f the earth and her kingdoms (mineral, plant, animal, human). The hearts and minds of humanity are specifically prepared to receive these energies, which cause the ongoing rush of evolution.

The NGWS invites everyone worldwide to participate in these upcoming Three Festivals (Aries, Taurus, Gemini) for they create the template of spiritual influences that will direct world affairs, the complexities of the earth’s weather, and all human endeavors for the rest of the year. These festivals create the foundations for the new world religion, which is based upon astrology (timings) and the new and full moon times (when pathways of specific light form around the earth to aid in its evolution). Read the results of last week’s Mars/Pluto opposition, Celestial Events, John Quincy Adam’s birth chart (HBO miniseries on the First Fifty Years of the United States & John Adams [Cancer Sun], 6th U.S. President), and all about Palm Sunday at www.nightlightnews.com.

ARIES: It’s good to know about and prepare for great changes to come about in your work and profession. Realizing this now allows for no surprises as the changes continue to come. Take hold of your dreams and visions, don’t give up, and pray if you must for assistance or ask others to support you. What is occurring is very very good and will expand you into realms you never expected. It will take hard work. You’re ready.

TAURUS: You must begin to work with groups now for there you’ll receive abundant encouragement, communication, love and support that what you have chosen was correct. However, there are things you must tend to that further secure the safety of your finances and resources. What are they and how can you begin? Do you need help? Someone nearby offers suggestions. Heed them.

GEMINI: You will embark upon new endeavors just as soon as you assess your deepest hopes and wishes, and how you see yourself in the world. It’s helpful to speak with others who love you and share what you’ve been thinking recently. Often you hide away behind external communication dispensing information. But actually you need to speak from your heart about what matter most to you. Who in your life listens well?

CANCER: The gathering of information is most important so you can come to fair and objective conclusions. You are seeking the truth and when one seeks long enough, the truth reveals itself. What are you mostly concerned about? I think it’s your family, more so now with Mars in Cancer. You also might be experiencing inflammation in your body. Turmeric and Zyflamend (New Chapter) are excellent. Have someone muscle test you for them.

LEO: Are you gradually becoming more internalized? Do you feel a new sort of irritation? Are you wondering about God and spirit and religion and things from the past, attempting to sort out feelings, knowing there’s information to be discovered but it’s not available yet? Allow yourself to relax, daydream, envision, review and wonder as much as you can. Within those contemplative actions answers appear.

VIRGO: It is a good time to join with a close friend for group exercise, yoga, swimming, reading, walking and lots of conversation. Find someone who is your match, who talks and shares as much as you need to at this time. Relationships are most important at this time. Focus your heart and mind on them. Treat those you love as tenderly as you can. This will transform your future more than all the plans in the world.

LIBRA: If not at present, then very soon, all Librans will experience great ambitions the outcome of which further defines their self-identity. New work may be offered or being the authority who does the on the hiring. Involved are cherished dreams. One’s true calling or an experience of redemption (doing it over again, this time successfully) may appear. At all times, maintain conscious Goodwill with everyone, follow through with every promises, and allow the gifts of others to shine. They will mirror yours.

SCORPIO: You must plan a vacation, take a trip, research going abroad or far away to a place far removed from where you are accustomed so you can experience and discover new realities and life situations. You will gain new perceptions of reality, an expanded life view, an understanding of different cultures, music, art, and psychology. These in turn make your place in the world even more interesting and profound.

SAGITTARIUS: Ok, I must tell you that nothing much at this time is under your control. I know you won’t rush into an emotional panic with this information. You’ll simply begin to observe your life with a one-pointed focus. And as you do you’re realize more definitely your gifts and talents, how your past has led to your present, how your future needs to unfold, and the best use of all resources. You’re not drowning.

CAPRICORN: You may be concerned with your money disappearing or not being enough. Or you may be feeling that no matter what you do, there are inadequate resources to live well. You may be considering changes in your work situation. There may be tension and irritation and you may take it out on loved ones. Don’t do this. It will destroy them. Pray instead. All prayers are answered. We’ll pray with you.

AQUARIUS: Do you feel certain tenseness or overwroughtness in your daily life, with work, health issues, with people you encounter? There may be a feeling of personal woundedness you can’t quite shake. On the other hand, an unexpected influx of new values, artistic endeavors, and resources become available. Tend to others with care. Tend with care to yourself even more.

PISCES: Some Pisces will fall in love, experience romance, feel excitement and then it will all disappear. Other Pisceans will be challenged by the ones they love – children, partner or even their own creativity. Should you have or be around children, do not expect them to express themselves as you do. They are incapable. Instead, with whomever you are around, be very protective and loving with them. That love will be returned one-hundred fold.

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