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Bobby Lee Trammell, Rockabilly Wild Man, Mr. Arkansas Twist, state legislator, By Coy Hurd

Times have changed in northeastern Arkansas. It is difficult to believe that there used to be such a thriving music scene.

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“Crysis” for PC, By Doug Thompson

A modern cell phone can do more than my first personal computer could do.

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Daddy Warbucks

Time to re-think, re-examine finances, banks, brokers


On the Aisle, By Tony Macklin

“Leatherheads” tries to be a screwball comedy, but it’s more The Eleven Stooges.

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What a wild and crazy week this is gonna be. When spring comes to the Ozarks, literally everything pops.

8 Days a Week

8 Days A Week

Check out what’s happening in Northwest Arkansas.



Local music in and around Fayetteville.

Risa's Astrology

Risa's Astrology

Esoteric Astrology as news for week April 24-30, 2008 Signposts & the Enlightened Mind


Local arts organizations survive by understanding change, By Brenda Joyce Coda

“Everything must change, nothing stays the same…” goes the 1974 song by Bernard Ighner. Change occurs as people come and go, make new or different choices, form and join and

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Obama wasn’t all wrong, By Doug Thompson

Hold on to your hats, political fans. I’m going to defend Democratic presidential frontrunner Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill. I’m going to criticize him too, but the average will still be