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Green…But Not Green Enough, By D.R. Bartlette

After opening in October of 2004, the Fayetteville Public Library has been a source of pride for most Fayetteville residents. The year after it opened, it won Library Journal’s Library

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Obama’s race, By Doug Thompson

When did being black turn from being a steep barrier to a decisive advantage in a presidential race, Mrs. Ferraro? Geraldine Ferraro, a former Democratic vice-presidential nominee, said recently that

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Daddy Warbucks

Growth, planning never easy While the national economy has slowed, the “growing pains” of Northwest Arkansas are still being felt. Over the past decade growth has caused a lot of

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Outformation Former Widespread Panic lead guitarist, Sam Holt, left Widespread Panic last year to tour with Outformation, the band he formed in 2002 with bassist Grady Upchurch and drummer and

8 Days a Week

8 Days A Week

SPECIAL EVENTS JONES JUGGLEFEST today, Friday and Saturday at the Jones Center for Families, 922 E. Emma Ave. in Springdale. Free. or 756-8090. HUMANITARIAN AWARDS and Cultural Celebration honoring



Thursday, March 20 Arsaga’s Crossover – Jazz jam Bayou – Pope County Bootleggers Bordino’s – Trio DeJaniero Deja Vu – DJ Revellution Electric Cowgirl – DJ Dayside George’s – Monte

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E Wine of the Week, Bruce Cochran

More trends in blends Hello Everyone, This month we continue our look at current trends in winemaking, such as blending wines from different grape varieties, different vineyards or different regions.

Risa's Astrology

Risa's Astrology

Resurrection Festival This week is overflowing with festivals: Spring equinox and International Astrology Day with Virgo Moon on Holy Thursday; the Aries Full Moon Resurrection festival and Purim on Good