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Resurrection Festival

This week is overflowing with festivals: Spring equinox and International Astrology Day with Virgo Moon on Holy Thursday; the Aries Full Moon Resurrection festival and Purim on Good Friday; Holi (Hindu Spring Festival) and United Nations World Water Day on Holy Saturday, and ending the 40 days of Lenten preparation and purification, Easter on Sunday. All the religious festivals are occurring simultaneously. The Tibetan wrote that someday humanity will celebrate their religious festivals together. One of the signposts of the coming world religion.

The seasons hold sacred mysteries revealed through astrological rhythms, sequences, timings and tone. The most important festival this season, as it gathers together all the religious celebrations, is the Aries Full Moon Festival of Resurrection, Friday morning at 11:40 a.m. (Pacific time and 20 minutes before the Passion of Christ begins in the Catholic church). During the Aries festival the Love Aspect of God pours into the Earth creating the template of Love for the coming year. As the Love aspect of God streams into our world touching the hearts and minds of humanity life is made more abundant and humanity is sustained and strengthened in all the kingdoms for the times to come. (Read more on all the festivals, especially Holy Week and Easter at www.nightlightnews.com).

ARIES: Home and work call to you simultaneously to put forth your very best. You are thus pulled in two directions. When this happens in our lives it means integration must occur, a blending of the two, a sharing and unifying. How? The astrology shows that your intuition (Pallas Athena in Aries) already knows. Ask the how within yourself and wait quietly for answers. Retreat a bit into silence.

TAURUS: In these present times, when a reorientation is about to occur, when our world is slowing to a halt and resources become unavailable, you are extra sensitive to how to maintain life in ways that continue the Art of Living. I want to tell you to begin to store food and medicines and water and the things that make life livable. Tell friends to do this, too. They will listen.

GEMINI: Read Taurus, then watch the news reports, read Drudge daily and assess the world situation. Then, tell others with calmness and love (Gemini’s Ray 2) what you realize. Your task, with information, assessed by your mercurial mind, is to disperse it. Here is a quote from the Tibetan to assist you. “The moment there is knowledge and a flash of understanding, that moment a man’s (mind) responsibility begins”. Esoteric Psychology, p. 236. You will be guided. We’ll help you.

CANCER: If you are experiencing inflammation anywhere in you body, or pain, it is good to take daily doses of Turmeric. Preparing and eating East Indian foods are best for you as the spices have health benefits. Coriander is also for inflammation and contains magnesium, cumin aids in digestion, chilies have Vitamin C. Dry roast the spices first then sizzle them in ghee (clarified butter). These are Mars in Cancer tips.

LEO: Tending to close relationships, supporting and loving them are your Easter season tasks. Share with them all that you have, know, feel and do. How are your relationships with family? Do they provide you with emotional support? Can you speak with them? It seems everything’s behind the scenes, somewhat hidden away. You stay hidden for a while, too. Pray a bit or a lot. So you may have closeness, love and understanding. And be uplifted.

VIRGO: What are your present needs and how do they fit in with your priorities? You want to be practical while initiating new goals. Assess all relationships. How do they affect your life, do you serve and uplift them? Serving is a Virgo task. The Tibetan says, “Out of duty, perfectly performed, will emerge those larger duties which we call world work.” Do you know yours?

LIBRA: Focus on serving others and not on anything else. Sometimes it’s hard work with concentration and dedication. However, if we have an INTENTION to do something in a certain way, like focusing on our intention to serve, then it becomes easier. What you will receive by doing this is a clear and grounded sense of self. The wound that’s hurting will ease. And clarity of vision and purpose will emerge. You need all of these.

SCORPIO: New states of creativity continue to appear. Music is very important at this time so have it in your environment at all times. Travel, study, things cultural, sculpting, hiking, horse tending and/or riding, seeking your next out of body experience all hover in your mind while tending to what you consider very tedious tasks. What’s occurring is your imagination is creating the templates for what’s to come. Keep imagining and bless those details.

SAGITTARIUS: I hope your house is draped and veiled, furnished with bright colors, flowers and plants everywhere for it’s a special and holy place to be. It’s your sanctuary where you rest to soothe the stress of your world (which is the world at large). Do not be at odds with anyone and do tend to all responsibilities with care. Loved ones need to hear from you or to be with you this season. You seek an intense transformation. It’s coming slowly your way on little cat’s feet.

CAPRICORN: The tension you’re feeling can be used creatively but first you must admit to its presence. Is the tension at home and with family? Cooperation is needed between you and another to bring about a lessening of the struggle. Seeking professional assistance could be of great value. You have the energy needed to transforms this situation with a partner. Before harmony comes conflict. Bring all of you together and pray.

AQUARIUS: It is important to know where your money is and to secure it. If changes come about in the near or far future, you will not be able to eat your investments (stocks, bonds, silver, gold). Take your money and place it into what would safeguard you and your family. Invest in land, large enough for a community to be built. Buy and store food and medicines (remember pets). Realize the new world is coming. You know this. Work with others and begin now.

PISCES: You, like Aquarius, will consider what to do with your resources, finances and assets. Something new must be done with them for if you’re listening to the media these days, you know the new world is coming and it will need those who can garden, herd, gather, heal, cook, tend, care for and teach others. You have all of these qualities and abilities. Notice your creativity is ascending. Continue with the tasks at hand. Watch the birds make their nests.

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