Scorpio Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse

Scorpio Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse

Both Sun and Mercury are in Scorpio now. Hermes, the messenger (Mercury), sending information to humanity via the rays of the Sun. It’s a Scorpionic message, concerning Scorpio’s Nine Tests, given each year at this time by the Lord of Mars, preparing us for discipleship (Scorpio and Sagittarius), for service (Capricorn and Aquarius) and should any of us aspire to save the world, for our work in Pisces.

Mars, Scorpio’s personality and Soul ruler, provides the tests. They are both rigorous and very subtle. One must be very observant to see and understand how they are working out in our lives. It’s good to have an astrology chart – one’s own personal heavenly geometry to gaze at and learn from.

Mercury in Scorpio means we can use our words to create, encourage, hearten, cheer, reassure and offer hope. Or communication (ours/others) can be damaging, destructive, cruel, unkind, merciless and heartless.

Should we observe the latter in ourselves, we may choose a formal study of Compassionate/Non-violent Communication techniques. So we learn to no longer unconsciously be cruel and destructive in our words.

Saturday is the full moon festival of Scorpio. It is also a lunar eclipse. During a lunar eclipse, the full moon slowly dims as it passes through the Earth’s shadow, revealing what is hidden in our personal lunar shadow. A penumbral eclipse is subtle, but its electromagnetic effects can be felt or observed. The lunar eclipse full moon is at 5 degrees Scorpio/Taurus. Issues related to certain areas of life can be felt three months before the actual eclipse, and continue as an undercurrent for the next six months.

Lunar eclipses mean the moon’s light/energy is hidden, something in form and matter disappears, it’s work completed. The moon represents our past, that which must be left behind so we can create the new world. The most important information to understand is the neutrality of the eclipses, actually of all the signs and planets and stars as their energies (in the form of light) precipitate down into our earth. How we experience the influence of the heavens is dependent upon our state of awareness, our knowledge of the science and art of astrology and our developmental stage. Astrology as a study of the heavens is humanity’s new psychology.

ARIES: Subtle yet important shifts will be occurring in your life and on inner levels. You may feel as if you’re in a boat rocking to-and-fro wondering where you’re being taken and why. Attempt to anchor yourself within whatever spiritual reality calls to you while also reaching out to friends for support as well as reaching well into the future with hope. No one is prepared for the future. It is an unknown. But you will be one of those asked to help bring it forth. You can and you will. For now, observe and be a silent watcher.

TAURUS: New and different ways of living are being shown to you and they challenge your previously conservative (a safeguarding way to live for you) ways. There will be new dreams, goals and visions offered also, and at first you will say “No” which is good as it gives you time to think. Then you will, after pondering, come around to realizing these are worthy ideas you need to ponder upon and pursue. Take your time. When you decide on something you move quickly.

GEMINI: Sometimes we express our identity by creating conflict or challenging authority. As we bear the consequences of this, we learn more and more about ourselves – defining who we are and what we want (or don’t want) and how to not be unskillful. You may feel limitations, which drive you to change. These changes lead to a new sense of freedom. New opportunities suddenly appear and events may occur that surprise or shock. Then a new direction suddenly manifests.

CANCER: It’s important you consciously choose to have an open mind (Mantram: “I have a clear, unlimited open mind at all times” recited over and over) to absorb the new possibilities soon appearing that change your worldviews. Events inform you your previous thinking was a bit askew, uneven and off kilter. Allow your thinking to be adjusted toward the truth and no longer based on others’ opinions and judgment. This will be a large step in creating a new mind and awareness.

LEO: For some Leos, new and exciting, intelligent and loving relationships will be appearing. For other Leos, having property and money in common becomes either unavailable or too much responsibility. Other Leos will experience deep psychological changes. For all Leos past needs have shifted to new needs and unexpected situations feel intense and fated. They are. And through it all, you say “I am a creator, I am creative, I am loving, I am all of that.”

VIRGO: It seems certain changes must be made in relationships. This does not signify a fault. It signifies growth. You may also unexpectedly embark upon an unusual relationship. Although not advisable, you’ll learn through its instability. Daily strategies will need to shift. Conflicts arising alert you that past patterns of relating won’t work anymore. The new ones will either be created by you, by others, or simply appear.

LIBRA: Should anyone or anything make excessive demands upon you, choose a path different than yours and expect you to follow, should there be extreme responsibilities professionally, or anything too binding or restrictive, you will break free in order to ease tension, you will escape in order to find your own way, and you will seek your own path in order to maintain health and happiness. Your entire life will be revolutionized. Slowly.

SCORPIO: Does life feel a bit more exciting? Are relationships during these years not very long term? They may be durable but you find you can’t have expectations. It could be that children or a very creative enterprise are/is in your life. With both (children and creativity) you see the need to be innovative, more attentive, and taking different approaches, which help you, redefine and then refine your abilities. More understanding follows. Yes?

SAGITTARIUS: Your relationships to family, parents, home, the past are most important aspects of your life. There is a release occurring and a reform within the family and you are the one whose task it is to bring the past to the present. On outer levels you feel unsettled no matter what you’re doing. You must summon flexibility. Whatever you have not looked at will emerge and gaze at you. The deepest level of your being is shifting to new heights. Hold onto your parachute.

CAPRICORN: It is important that you observe your communication and how it affects others. You must also know that the tempo of your life has increased and this can make for impatience with others, especially those slower than you, younger, more vulnerable. It shows the quality of a person in how they communicate with those who, needing help, look to us for guidance and care. Your old and learned habits, if they do not serve others, must fall away. Goodwill in all ways is your new keyword.

AQUARIUS: Have your finances begun to withstand changes and is your economic and material situation not what it was before. This is occurring, or will occur, for everyone, but it seems to have begun with you. You will find that through this, your values also change. You already know to be thrifty, organic, biodynamic, and sharing. This is only the beginning. The next steps for Aquarians are two: astrology and community. One leads to and encompasses the other.

PISCES: Have you been acting in ways different from your usual behavior? It could be a seeking of a new life or maybe for freedom even though others may see it as rebellion on the personality level. Should this behavior continue, you must then heed the message that perhaps certain changes in your life are overdue. Sometimes limitations appear to help us develop discipline, self-identity, contemplation, and a new plan for life. What would that new life look like?

~Risa – writer, teacher, counselor, mentor, astrologer, esotericist

Founder & Director…The Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute — a contemporary Wisdom School for the Ageless Wisdom teachings.

The foundations of the Teachings are the study & application of Astrology & the Seven Rays.


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