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Male Call

The Rising Trend of Stretch in Men’s Fashion

Q.  I ordered a few pairs of Levi’s recently and my wife said they fit much better than in the past. I wondered why and she pointed out that they

Risa's Astrology

Solar Eclipse at the Libra New Moon

The annual solar eclipse (partial solar eclipse) occurs this Saturday, October 14, at the Libra new moon. The eclipse (Moon .907 % covering the Sun). We will be able to

Cover Story

‘Eras Tour’ Under The Stars: Stone Drive-In screens Taylor Swift concert documentary

Taylor Swift is coming to Mountain View — and you can make a friendship bracelet, take a photo, buy merchandise and spend the night in addition to singing along with

In The News

Neal Shusterman among headliners at Fayetteville Library’s True Lit fest

“We have so much local talent lined up,” says Willow Fitzgibbon, director of library services at the Fayetteville Public Library, about the True Lit festival Oct. 14-26. Fitzgibbon singles out


Six Minutes, Six Questions: Jennifer Gibson

Arkansas native Jennifer Gibson’s “Dirt” explores the ecosystems within our soil and the Arkansas farmers and ranchers who are improving their operations to help the environment. The documentary, which was


Big fan helps bring Johnny Cash to WAC stage Oct. 14-15

Of all the people who have a Johnny Cash story, Debbie Horton arguably has the best. “I had known Johnny from when I was a child; I had got onto


Open Studios tour gives visitors sneak peeks around Eureka Springs

Fans of Eureka Springs artists have been walking White Street every May for more than 30 years, getting a glimpse into the workplaces of some their favorites. On Oct. 14-15,

Family Friendly

Bigfoot believers track in to Enola Oct. 14

“Remember,” says Robert Swain, “Bigfoot has already been reported in your county.” In fact, Bigfoot evidence has been reported in all 75 counties in Arkansas, although “by far the most

8 Days a Week

8 Days A Week

Oct. 13 (Friday) “Communion” — A solo exhibit by artist Carol Dickie, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Oct. 13-15 and Oct. 20-22, Beaver Lake office of Century 21, 324 Mundell Road, Eureka